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Increase your living comfort with a decentralised ventilation unit and enjoy a healthy, energy-efficient air circulation without the necessity of window ventilation. Decentralised ventilation systems are almost invisible, once they are installed, and can protect your home against mould, humidity and unpleasant smells and noises. The risk of your house being broken into, decreases dramatically with closed windows at all times.

Thanks to easy operation and mounting, dealing with stale air becomes unnecessary. Our inVENTer ventilation system exchanges it for fresh air and allows, due to 91% heat recovery, a refreshing, energy-saving climate in the room- no pollen, less dust and little heating expenses due to heat recovery.

Ever since 1999, inVENTer ventilation systems are thoroughly built in Germany with the highest standards in quality. 

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Advantages of a decentralised ventilation system for a controlled ventilation of living spaces

Fresh air keeps us  healthy and awake, increases our ability to concentrate and evokes a feeling of comfort. When the body lacks oxigen, it might as well lead to a decreased willingness to perform. The ventilation systems by inVENTer can provide you with a variety of advantages concerning this topic.

With an easy and uncomplicated installation, our decentralised ventilation systems - weather in construction projects or renovations -  we can not only create a comfortable living climate, but also contribute to reduce energy consumption at the same time. This is possible through the avoidance of classic ventilation by window. The heart of our ventilation systems - the thermal accumulator- saves the heat of the extracted air and returns it to the fresh supply air. The heat gets recycled and thus enables you to save valuable heating energy.

In accordance to your needs, you have the possibility to adjust the devices and therefore profit from a controlled ventilation of living spaces. The constant air exchange prevents mould and discharges polluted particles automatically. Our special filters can stop dust or pollen from entering your living spaces. You can enjoy clean and oxygenous air day in and out, while saving energy at the same time.



Discover the Multi-Zone Control

Discover the Multi-Zone Control

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