An original is born

The origin of a great product is a simple and at the same time brilliant idea. Our ventilation units’ core idea came to be in the inventive mind of Peter Moser, founder of the inVENTer GmbH. His goal was to produce a ventilation system with heat recovery without using of the usual aluminium thermal accumulator. A simple and effective alternative was in demand.

The solution was literally in Peter Moser’s desk drawer. In this drawer, he kept a ceramic honeycomb. A natural characteristic of ceramic is to accumulate heat very easily. Furthermore, the honeycomb consists of 80% air and 20% ceramic. Therefore, it is able to maintain a high airflow with an equally effective heat accumulation- with only very little technical expenses.


The idea seemed very promising and was consequently brought to life.  Ever since then the ceramic heat accumulator has been the core piece to every inVENTer ventilation unit. It is 20% more effective than aluminum strips and is not flapping while in use.
Silent as a whisper, innovative and ingeniously easy - the inVENTer ventilation systems will bring our inventive minds into your wall.

We care for you to breathe healthily, save energy and live more comfortably- without having to think about ventilation. It is just there, the airflow. Follow the path of 100,000s of satisfied users: Ventilate ingeniously easy with the original, ventilate with inVENTer.

Annett Wettig, CEO of inVENTer GmbH

inVENTer in figures

Founding year:

Peter Moser

Annett Wettig

80 (as of 2017)

Company headquarters:
inVENTer GmbH
Ortsstraße 4a
07751 Löberschütz

Branch offices in Germany:

Branch offices worldwide:

Core competences: 
Quality, innovation, service


Peter Moser, founder and originator of inVENTer knows the potential of ceramic in combination with ventilation systems. The first decentralized ventilation system with a ceramic as core of the heat accumulator was created. The headstone for the success story is laid- the Original was born.

The Middle German Broadcasting Service discovered the inVENTer ventilation systems early on and broadcasted about them. The demand increased tremendously and lead to the need for new innovations.


Under the name „Öko-Haustechnik inVENTer GmbH“, not only innovations, but also ecological values gain importance. A former henhouse was the basis for the first office building – with ecological housing technology, obviously.


The increased demand required bigger capacities. Following this trend, our production hall was build and was constructed as passive house. It contains a thermal insulation made out of straw and remains, to this day, one of the biggest buildings of its kind in Europe. Further innovations expanded the portfolio of products- alongside solutions for the ventilation of souterrain areas, special solutions for buildings with thin walls are added to it.


The “Öko-Haustechnik inVENTer GmbH” profits from the omnipresent change of mind in politics and population concerning environmental protection and energy-efficiency. A sales growth of almost 90 percent and an ever increasing demand, calls for additional labour force. 15 new co-workers are hired. Simultaneously a ventilation systems for single rooms is invented.


The distribution network expands nationally and internationally through independent trade partners. Following this, the first sod was cut for the new construction hall in Löberschütz. On 1920 m² floor space and two stories, additional offices, a meeting room and 30 work stations, as well as 1000 storage places in a high-bay storage are created. Furthermore, the manufacturing of the inVENTer ventilation systems is shifted to assemblies. The goal in the future is to be able to piece together the ventilation system according to the customer’s needs.


Since spring 2014, the inVENTer GmbH is part of the British Volution Group and therefore got its present name. The Volution Group went public in June of 2014. Ever since, the inVENTer GmbH focusses especially on the European market. The development of compact ventilation systems resulted in the constant broadening of the company’s product range.


The inVENTer GmbH launches an efficient ventilation system with heat recovery, fit for the ventilation of multiple rooms. Furthermore the development of a unique controller is finalised, that enables the user to coordinate distinct ventilation stages in different living areas. The construction of a new, modern inner cover symbolises further progress and innovation.