Council housing with an award-winning concept

In the village of Griffen, near the Austrian town Klagenfurt, the company Griffner Haus AG managed to realise the unique housing-project “Griffen Green” in 2011 and 2012: council housing combined with a sustainable construction. Using natural building materials, like wood and cork, the new concept is setting standards by focussing on high-comfort living.

Showcase: ecology for little money

Following the goal to build the house in a high-quality and cost-efficient manner, despite following a resourceful and sustainable construction manner, as encouraged by the federal state government, has led to two energy-efficient council housing complexes with a total of 18 flats. The company followed this path by integrating an innovative technical concept into the building that included a ground-breaking combination of wood pallets-, solar- and photovoltaic systems, as well as a regulated supply and extraction of air.

Ventilation techniques by experts

The inVENTer GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of decentralised mechanical ventilation with heat recovery in Germany. The company, located in Loeberschuetz, a Thuringian village near Jena, was found in 1999 and is since 2014 part of the British Volution Group. Focussing on comfort, sustainability and environmentalism, inVENTer develops and produces ventilation systems that are ingeniously easy to install and operate. Individually fit to the customer’s needs, inVENTer can provide a solution for every construction situation- whether living- or work spaces, old- or new buildings, souterrain- or attic storeys. This is the reason why inVENTer systems are in use all over Europe.

inVENTer iV14V

The inVENTer iV14R is a ventilation device with a square wall sleeve. The ventilation unit is especially suitable to install into newly built houses. The high level of healt recovery manages to safe valuable heating energy. Just as all the other inVEnter systems for a decentralised, controlled ventilation with heat recovery, the iV14R meets the standards of the minimal air exchange rate of the EnEV. In combination with other eco-friendly home management utilities (i.e. a hydro-extractor) this ventilation unit helps to acquire the cost-efficient low energy- or passive house standard.

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