Experiences with inVENTer: Better than the competition - reports Mollwitzbau

In Febuary 2015 the Mollwitzbau GmbH has built a six-party house in Hamburg. According to our own high quality-standards, the rooms have been equipped with decentralised ventilation devices for an optimised comfort of living.

After 18 months however, the first negative consequences occurred with the decentralised ventilation devices, the first device failed, others followed. After an intensive examination and comprehensive advise the company decided on recommendation of the Brüggemann Energiekonzepte GmbH to switch to another device manufacturer. „The convincing ventilation solution quickly evoked our approval and after a personal consultation we decided to exchange all 36 devices  for high-end quality devices by inVENTer in January of 2017”, explained Kai Wagner, construction manager at Mollwitz Massivhaus GmbH.

Premier for the inVENTron-Technology

The result is the three-storey multi-family house, which is the first house ever to be equipped with the innovative inVENTron technology. This technology is characterised by a double control unit so exchanged air can effectively flow through the heat accumulator. The latest generation  of the compact fan iV-Smart with inVENTron technology in combination with the modern controller sMove reaches a peak heat recovery rate of 93% - a total novelty on the market for decentralised ventilation. The first experiences with this ventilation technology excited the construction manager and the architect at Mollwitzbau GmbH.

Perfect partnership based on reliability and positive experience values

The offer inVENTer made consisted of an easy process and execution of the exchange, as well as a briefing of the operation of the new system. The inhabitants unanimously approved a major decrease of sound with a simultaneous increase of air quality. Since the exchange, the  six parties in the house can enjoy an easy and continuous level of fresh air in their homes. ”All decentralised ventilation devices run flawlessly and are easy to adjust”, Christiane Tarnoe, architect at Mollwitz Massivhaus GmbH summed up. “With our construction projects are the perfect mix between demanding architecture and futuristic living. inVENTer therefore is the perfect partner for future projects at our side.”

Do you want to Exchange your Ventilation? Or would you like to share your inVENTer experience with us? Please contact us and profit from your individualy ventilation solutions. We are here for you and are happy to bout every inVENTer experience you like to share.

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