Fan with activated carbon filter: Fresh air during rush hour

In lager cities or at popular streets the air is likely not the cleanest. Who wants all these pollutants inside their home? Which non-smoker wants their neighbour's smoke in their four walls? Our decentralised ventilation systems grants fresh air in all living spaces despite closed windows. According to the cross ventilation principle, the devices are operating in pairs. One of the devices transports the stale warm air to the outside. At the same time the other device supplies the room with fresh air from the outside.

Our latest activated carbon filters hinder pollutants or cigarette smoke from entering the room.

Starting in November, the activated carbon filter are available for the inner covers:

Flair (V-233x233),
Classic (R-D290) and
Quadra (V-284x284)

in set of 2.

Activated carbon filters are known in connection with automobiles. Here, they prevent the inner car from toxic gases and dirt. For cooker extraction hoods with air recirculation the activated carbon filters the unpleasant smells that result from cooking. The porous. The fine-grained carbon with it's large inner surface  is used for a number of other applications, for example as an absorbing agent in the medical field or for drinking water treatment. Absorbtion means that a substance is able to concentrate and absorb smells, steams and pollutants. And the absorbtion-potential of activated carbon with it's spongelike structure is enormous: The activated carbon filter in the inner cover flair for example contains 4 g of activated carbon. The inner surface of onloy one filter therefore equals the size of a football field.

The new activated carbon filter by inVENTer has a double effect: Firstly, it filters mechanical dust and other particles from the air. Secondly, as a physical-chemical filter component, it absorbs smells, gases, steams, toxins and pollutants. Conceptualised  as a disposable filter, the activated carbon filter can easily be replaced after the maximum absorbtion is fully exploited.

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