Healthy indoor climate and excellent air

The human being breathes about 7 litres of air per minute, which makes about 10.000 litres of air every day. In comparison, the recommended daily input of water is 3 litres. In order to survive, already one third of the standard is sufficient. We cannot limit breathing, not even a few litres less. Two numbers that could not be any more different: 1l of water faces 10.000 l of breathing air every day. Four Minutes without air cause our death – just 28 l less air decide between our life or death. Still, are we aware of this existential need? Oftentimes, we do not perceive the climate in the room and take the high quality air for granted. The question arises if we always breathe the air which is best for our body?

For health's sake: sufficient oxygen, regulated humidity and a better climate

When we talk about healthy breathing, we are referring to the level of oxygen in the air. Only if all cells of the body are constantly supplied with oxygen, the human being is able to exist and perform in everyday life. About 90% of the energy produced naturally in the body comes from oxygen. A lessened input may result in a lack of concentration, tiredness, or some serious health issues. So it does not solely depend on air volume, but on air quality, which we can hardly determine ourselves. Clean air  is supposed to be free of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. A CO2-concentration of 8% to 10% causes unconsciousness which leads to death within 45 minutes.

Equally telling for a healthy room climate is the humidity in the air. At a high humidity level - 60% relative humidity - the possibility  of mould growth, fungus, mites and other parasites can multiply disproportionably. The emerging spores enter the Lungs and can affect the respiratory tract as well as the whole organism. At too dry air - with less than 40% of relative humidity - the mucous membranes or the skin - the secondary breathing organs -  may start to dry out. The result is identical:  The body is not able to breathe anymore. It is stripped from it's basis.

Take a deep breath – with decentralised ventilation systems by inVENTer

In order to prevent this, the installation of our decentralised ventilation systems is advisable. The ventilation systems satisfy with a controllen ventilation of living spaces, which lifts and filters the air from pollutants  and also prevents mould and spores to set in the masonry through a constant air exchange. The application of various filters the invasion of polluted dust particles or pollen can be targeted efficiently. The quality of the air  is hightened- and that in a room in which we spend several hours per day. He desires comfort and the pleasing living comfort are supported by the integrated ceramic heat accumulator, which saves and then recycles the heat into the fresh incoming air. The heated warmth stays in your four walls, despite a continuous flow of fresh air. Decentralised ventilation systems by inVENTer therefore enable a sustainable heated room climate, at a simultaneously reduced energy consumption.

Ever since the inVENTer invention of 1999 with ceramic heat accumulator has developed to be the market standard, inVENTer relies on this principle – an investment in a healthy future with an ecological interaction with the resource breathing air.

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