inVENTer controller MZ-One- avoid connection problems with an expert

Our innovative controller system MZ-One has successfully been introduced to the market in June of the previous year. The device is able to navigate up to 16 ventilation devices in 4 living areas at the same time by means of a centralised operator control module and a decentralised Clust-Air navigation module. The MZ-One contains following components: the operation control module, the switching power supply as well as the Clust-Air module with humidity- and temperature sensors.

The Clust-Air Technology enables the ventilation of 4 individually controllable areas. The user can assign a different ventilation level to each area- more than practical, for e.g. the bedroom and kitchen mostly need different ventilation settings. The different levels are Heat recovery, ventilation, dehumidification and a pause function.

The controller  as well as the respective Clust-Air modules are especially fast and easy to connect, if the mounting- and installations manual plus the graphic manual is taken into account in the run-up and during the installation. Moreover it is inevitable to have the device installed by a professional. 

Notes for the correct installation of the MZ-One

In the following we would like to give some advice for the installation of the MZ-One controller system. To start with, the operator control module is to be screwed on a flush-mounted- or cavity wall casing. Important is to mount the operator control to the module mirror-inverted since it will we turned while attaching.

The Clust-Air module is built in a flush-mounting box. The modules will be connected in sequence (array), to be identified. If the modules cannot be identified, although all modules are connected correctly, one should make sure that the cables are not lose or insufficiently isolated. The connection and identification of the modules is very important since the controller cannot operate otherwise. The last module has to lock with resistor to activate the operating voltage. 

inVENTer- controller MZ-One •  Connection of the ventilation devices array

Furthermore it is to be considered that a correct assignment of zones via the DIP-switch at the Clust-Air module is correct. That means that at the assignment begins with zone 1 and continues upward- the local arrangement does not have an effect on this. There must not be any overlapping assignments on a zone.

Zone assignment at the DIP-switch: Switch-position

These tips, our descriptive graphic, as well as the mounting- and operations manual (included in every MZ-One device) opens the way to a fast and easy installation by a professional- for a comfortable feel-good climate inside your home.

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