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In the frame of the annual Viennese construction fair , January 28th- 31st, 2016 in Austria's capital city, not only did we present the latest products from our portfolio, but also embarked in a new cooperation. We finalised the international cooperation with the Austrian corporate network, which we sense, is a huge gain for our future way in the production of decentralised ventilation systems.

With this cooperation we are hoping to work with new partners for innovative teamwork in product development and the initiation of new channels of distribution. Our main goal with this cooperation is to improve the living environment of our customers in terms of ecology and living comfort. is the perfect fit to achieve these improvements.

This platform supports an expert and neutral display of information; the collaboration of experts, service providers and manufacturers are complementing this. Furthermore there are ways to contact a variety of international companies , organisations and research institutions that focus on the topic of healthy constructions.

The inVENTer GmbH identifies as a part of this trend of constructing and therefore broadens your possibilities to connect with new companies in the industry. You have access to a specifically produced documentary  here: continue to documentary. The Styrian Schaller GmbH has been an immediate associate to this. The products by hunimeter ( air- and moisture meters made in Austria), are offering a supplementary addition to the inVENTer product portfolio. With this internationally unique cooperation, our customers will profit from even more precise ventilation systems. A foretaste of what is to come is already ahead- the problem of many, mould and humidity will soon belong to the past. The exact manner will be published promptly after the joint research results are received.

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