inVENTer extract air fan Pulsar - ultra-silent and innovative

By introducing the Pulsar, inVENTer provides an innovative extract air fan fit for the installation into the wall or a subceiling. The high-performance system is characterised by silent deareation and a futuristic design. Humidity- and light sensor s are also integrated in the system. The contemporary controlling is guaranteed by the App "inVENTer Mobile", which is available do download free of charge for iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores. Convinced of the durability and quality of the product, inVENTer grants a five year guarantee for the Pulsar and thereby exceeds the legal guarantee claims by far.

Synergy of technology and design

The Pulsar connects high functionality with extraordinary optics.  The progressive and futuristic design appears as an appealing eye-catcher  and blends into the interior in a modern and harmonious way. The open vent-view allows easy cleaning at any time by simply removing the vent from the case. Soiling is easily accessible and does not remain undetected behind the cover. Therefore this also supports the hygienic effect for clean and healthy air. The Pulsar scores through it's exclusivity: As extract air fan of the latest generation, the Pulsar is currently a unique product on the market and contains high-efficiency equipment:

Silent deareation for hygienic and healthy indoor air quality

The extract air fan has integrated sensor technology that reacts to light and humidity automatically. The degree of sensitivity can be adjusted to "low", "medium" and "high". Also subject to predefining is the ventilation intensity with activated sensors. The humidity sensor enables the Pulsar to react to peak humidity automatically and provides immediate counteraction. Furthermore the device contains a light sensor that is – just like the sensor for humidity- adjustable in three settings. In addition to this, there is the possibility of programming a follow-up time of 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Based on the reference figures for humidity and light, the ventilation is effortlessly adjustable to individual and diverse customer needs. The pulsar scores with a domiciliary serviceable performance. The power consumption of merely 4 Watt enables minimum operating costs. With a sound emission rate of 17-20 dB (A), the Pulsar is silent as a whisper and is not at all perceived as distracting. The bathrooms therefore remain a place of relaxation and comfort.

Commissioning and adjustment 3.0 – Alignment via app

Comfortable for installers and homeowners alike: The Pulsar is easily adjustable and programmable with Bluetooth Smart via smart-phone and tablet PC. The user software "inVENTer Mobile" for the commissioning and adjustment of the Pulsar is available for in the Google Play or App Store for Android and IOS devices free of charge. The adjustment of the ventilation and sensors can be done in no time which makes a manual installation and adjustment of external sensors redundant. Another contemporary feature is the individual naming of the device by the user. Therefore a variety of devices in the housing unit can be named differently e.g. "Pulsar bath" or "Pulsar WC". The operation gets increasingly easier and straightforward through the selective adjustment via "inVENTer Mobile". In case of an operation on peak level, there is a Boost level option with a 15-minute countdown available which can be activated with a respective button if needed. Furthermore, there is a possibility to clock the ventilation on pause hourly- This is especially useful during nighttimes or predetermined bath-times. Of course the Pulsar is also fit for a continuous operation to guarantee a constant level of ventilation. For periods of absence, the Pulsar offers an operation in intervals, which is, again, definable via the app. In this case a cyclic ventilation with intervals of 12 hours can be chosen with a duration of 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Perfectly suitable for holiday cottages or for residents that are absent for a longer period of time, for example during the holiday season.

Independently applicable and system compatible with the wall sleeve aV100

The air extraction fan is fit for the direct installation into a wall or in the subceiling. It is designed for rooms with external walls an is compatible with the inVENTer wall sleeve set aV100 or any wall sleeve with a diameter between 100 and 140 mm. The compact slide-in contains a round, white fan-casing with a diameter of 177mm that is additionally equipped with a rubber gasket.  The extract air fan is also flexible in respect to the connection options: Either mains voltage with AC 230V 50 Hz or by means of safety extra-low voltage DC 12V, both work just fine. For the usage via 12V, the power supply NT16 is available as an optional accessory.

inVENTer Pulsar- an overview of technical details:

Wall sleeve: Ø 100- 140

Compatible with: aV100 wall sleeve set

Exhaust air volume flow: 110 m³/h

Power consumption: 4W

Sound emission: 17-20 dB(A)

Operation voltage: 230 V AC/ 50 Hz or 12 V DC

Type of protection: IP44

International protection: II

Safety range: 1-3

Equipment requirements for App "inVENTer Mobile"

Android: min. 4.3 Jelly Bean OS, Bluetooth Smart Support resp. iOS: min. iPhone 4S, iOS7.

Conclusion: Reliable aid for pleasing room air

The Pulsar is an innovative extract air fan with a contemporary design that lives up to the deareation needs in living and sanitary areas. Installers, Architects, Planners- and especially the residents-will profit from the innovative details and flexibility of the device. The Pulsar saves time- and money- in configuration and covers a variety of different ventilation needs. The handy and useful extract air fan can be ordered directly from inVENTer as of now.

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