inVENTer-News – the wall mounting block D-180

The latest product to the portfolio of inVENTer is another in-house manufacture: With the wall mounting block D-180 we, as specialists for energy efficient building services, are able to offer you a handy installation aid for the ventilation system iV12-Smart. The wall mounting block features easy installation, without consideration of slope. Architects, planners and installers will appreciate the easy, time- and moreover cost efficient application in new construction houses or renovation works. The D-180 is being installed during the shell construction phase. This renders the cost intensive subsequent drilling of a core hole redundant. The optically unobtrusive mounting of the decentralised ventilation system is thereby supported and discreetly blends into the living area.

Useful and innovative - Harmony of architecture

The wall mounting block D-180 is equipped with a variety of useful details. Aimed at time efficiency while maintaining minimal costs, the installation remains uncomplicated.
On the outside, there are immersions that secure the safe hold in the masonry. The modular built  block is applicable to every wall thickness and is, due to the intelligent cone system, extremely easy to adjust. It is totally safe, solid and  fit for individual needs: by simply patching the wall mounting block, it can be extended to the required length.  Even shortening is possible. As an assembly protection, inVENTer offers an optional plaster cover.

Statement of quality: high-level room air 

Naturally, the wall mounting block D-180 conforms with all building regulations and standards. It consists of flame-resistant material- the first reason for future inhabitants to feel safe and moreover supports a trouble free building inspection. The high insulation effect of the material successfully counteracts thermal bridges and mould growth and the quality of air in the room perceptibly increases. As usual and cherished by our ambitious customers, we are combining practical usability with high-quality material. 

Available as of now – just contact us

The inVENTer wall mounting block D-180 is available as of now. You can order it with a inner diameter of 180mm (for the iV12-Smart). Architects, planners and installers are thereby given an ideal option to convince their customers and clients of the advantages of a decentralised ventilation system- for a convenient comfort that welcomes you to take a deep breath of fresh air.
Learn more about technical details and an abbreviated overview here.

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