inVENTer provides lifetime guarantee

You can rely on our products – that is why, as of now, the period of guarantee for inVENTer products has been updated. We provide 5 years of manufacturer's warranty for components and wall sleeves. For our thermal accumulators the warranty even last a lifetime!

An improvement escorts the inVENTer GmbH into the year of 2016: we believe in the durability of the inVENTer ventilations, and to support the trust you put in our ventilation systems, we are providing extra services beyond the statutory provisions.

  • We grant you the manufacturer's warranty for electrical devices and wall sleeves for 5 years. 
  • Our innovative thermal accumulators do now have a lifetime warranty.

inVENTer is considered  a  developer and manufacturer of reliable and durable products; that is why we are providing a manufacturer's warranty in all of Germany for impeccable processing and quality. This assurance applies to the replacement  for faulty products , attributable to a defect in manufacturing or material in said time frame an free of charge. 
In close cooperation with our inVENTer representatives, you are responsible for the adequate installation by a competent company. The respective installation and operation manuals hold information about the correct operation of the inVENTer ventilation systems and is furthermore provided in our customer information brochure. Both is available for you in our downloads-area on our homepage.
We are convinced that you will be satisfied with our ventilation systems - and we are therefore providing you with an extended guarantee. Trust the original!
Terms of guarantee
The adequate installation of the inVENTer  ventilation systems through a specialist company according to the product documents is inevitable. This also applies to the operation of the systems. The guarantees do not include damages through the installation and use of external third components. Further expenses outside the replacement of faulty products are not provided, meaning shipping, transportation, reconstruction and planning costs are to be borne by the customers themselves. With the replacement of the faulty product, it becomes property of the inVENTer GmbH and is to be returned to the company. The warranty does not apply to components, devices and parts of ventilation systems that the customer did not purchase from the inVENTer GmbH.

After the warranty has been utilized, it does no renew or extend. The claim to a replacement is to be made in the time frame stated above. Our customers can access this as a gratuitous, voluntary and autonomous service that holds independently of other statutory warranty claims that are not based on contractual agreements.

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