inVENTron-Technology – The comfort ventilation of the fututre

What do aerospace and a decentralised ventilation have in common? More than one might think. Our department for research and development took findings from the aerodynamics and flow engeneering and transferred it to our reverse fans and air handling elements. The result, the inVENTron, is an innovative component that seizes the homogenising process of the air flow, which is then purposefully decomposed and redirected.

This means that the spin that develops with the rotation of the fan is straightened with this technology. This innovation enabled us to set a milestone in the research and development of decentralised ventilation systems. The patented inVENTron-technology is currently being integrated into the first ventilation devices which are available on the market since January.

Comfort-ventilation  with an even better heat recovery

With the inVENTron technology, the core of the every iV-ventilation system with the reverse fan and the ceramic heat accumulation is embedded between air handling elements. Since the reverse fan periodically changes direction, more than one air control gear is needed. Therefore, inVENTron is designed as a double- air steering gear and eliminates through the targeted flow control the so-called dead water area in both ventilation-directions. The specialities of the periodical supply and extract air modes in the comfort ventilation has been taken under careful consideration during the construction process. Areas that are not in direct contact with the air flow, even at a moderate ventilation intensity, are called dead water areas. These areas can often be found behind the fan hub of the reverse fans in the decentralised ventilation systems, which is of essential importance, since the heat accumulator is installed directly behind the fan.

Comfort ventilation with a heightened air volume flow

Through the integration of the inVENTron, the air flow can efficiently directed, so that the ventilation performance is heightened. Therefore, with the help of the double air steering gear the entire ceramic parts can be perfused even more efficiently, which again maximises the potential of the heat recovery level.

The principle of reverse ventilation devices

For the controlled ventilation of living rooms by inVENTer, the devices operate in pairs. One of the devices extract the stale air from the room, while the other one simultaneously supplies the room with fresh air from the outside.  Every 70 seconds, the devices change directions due to their reverse fans. These two directions of air flow require the implementation of the double air steering gear inVENTron which is especially cut for the change between supply and extract air modes. The heart of the ventilation systems is the inVENTer ceramic heat accumulator, which saves the heat of the air in the room and then in supply mode enriches the fresh air with the accumulated heat. The heat does not go to waste and can effectively be recycled. Therefore the comfort ventilation  with the inVENTron technology enables a constant supply with fresh air and a heightened heat recovery performance.

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