iV12-Smart- the new compact class in ventilation systems

The sophisticated physiques of the weather protection hood for our new compact ventilation system, provides an ideal extraction of air away from the facade.

Important information about the iV12-Smart in summary:

Compact, intelligent and efficient- that is our inVENTer iV12-Smart.  The devices in the compact class of inVENTer are suitable for the installation in projects of renovation and newly built houses. Thanks to their compact construction, with a duct-diameter of only 160 mm, the iV12-Smart units are fast and surprisingly easy to mount:  already a borehole with a diameter of 180mm is sufficient. The length of the ventilation duct is adjustable to the respective depth of the wall.

The inner cover of the iV12-Smart is small and discreet with a measurement of 224mm x 204mm (L x H). Therefore the ventilation units are unobtrusive even in small rooms. Another speciality if the inner cover is that it is can be tilted, so that the air flow can be guided in various directions.

A simple design with a clever construction also applies to the weather protection hood for the external wall: It guides the air away from the façade and is therefore protecting it effectively. The powder-coated stainless steel hood is rust resistant and therefore made-to-last.

The compact ventilation unit iV12-Smart is equipped with a ceramic core with the latest honeycomb structure. While ceramic provides an effective heat accumulation, the honeycomb structure enables a sufficient airflow. In addition to that the iV12-Smart contains intelligent fans that are highly resistant against wind pressure and frost.

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