Mould, pollen and odours don’t stand a chance - decentralised room ventilation by inVENTer

The human being is able to survive weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. This is why ventilation became such an important topic for building, renovating and modernising houses.

With ultra-modern ventilation systems, the inVENTer GmbH, located in Loeberschuetz, Thuringia prevents homeowners and construction managers from the consequences of narrow building shells or insufficient ventilation. inVENTers decentralised ventilation systems can provide protection against mould that sprouts from a humid climate in the room which may lead to health issues. Furthermore, the systems contain a special ceramic thermal accumulator that enables heat recovery, so that inVENTers ventilation units support an effective reduction of heating-costs.
With a modern ventilation system, house- and flat-owners declare war on room humidity and mould formation- for a healthy living climate in every room that benefits both, the building’s value and the resident’s health. 
inVENTer ventilation systems are working in cross-ventilation:  therefore two fans are operating parallelly. The fans are rotating in one way for 70 seconds at a time, before they change the direction. The thermal accumulator in the fan is heating up the cold, fresh air with the previously accumulated warmth of the extracted air. This allows a maximum of heat recovery while a minimum of sound impact.

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