MZ-One revolutionises ventilation adjustment

The inVENTer GmbH revolutionises the regulation of decentralised ventilating with the sales launch of the first multi-zone controller MZ-One.

Cold freshness in the bedroom, cosy warmth in the living room and a fast humidity control in the bathroom- all of that simultaneously.  Starting on July 1st 2015 inVENTer launches the sales of the intelligent controller system MZ-One.
After a successful presentation at the fairs “BAU” and “ISH”, everyone interested can now profit from a unique controller system for decentralised ventilation by inVENTer, too.

“User-friendliness, easy handling and a high range of functions were core ideas while developing and producing the MZ-One. Following these preconditions our controller with Clust-Air-Regulation was born”, CEO of inVENTer GmbH, Annett Wettig stated.

With the use of the Clust-Air-Regulation, inVENTer enables users of decentralised ventilation systems to operate different ventilation units with just one controller- up to 16 ventilation devices can be regulated with the MZ-One.
The space that is to be ventilated can be divided into four separate areas, so every area in the house can be regulated after your needs. This comes in handy, because bed and living room usually require a different kind of ventilation. An intelligent operation is possible due to incorporated sensors for humidity and temperature in each area. The included weekly timer allows the user to adjust the inVENTer system, and with the special pause-function the fans can be set on stand-by for a certain period of time. A simple interface makes it possible to include the operating into the home technology.
The multi-zone One is a new market-innovation. A comparable ventilation controller is nowhere to be found yet. Annett Wettig is certain:” This new technology is to be revolutionising the decentralised ventilation adjustments.”
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Learn more about MZ-One here.

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