Thuringian manufacturer of decentralised ventilation systems launches the new, optimised inner cover “Flair”

Loeberschuetz, November 16th 2015.

Starting with the 1st of December users of decentralised ventilation systems can assure themselves of the characteristics of inVENTers latest inner cover. Along with the new, elegant optics, the inner cover “Flair” also convinces with an extended functional range- by adjusting the cover, it is now possible to guide supply air individually into the living spaces. Most of all its user-friendliness is core to the success.

“The new inner cover is not just about a new design, but also about an improved access to the cover for maintenance and operating purposes. We are proud to unite the different requirements in the inner cover “Flair” to provide our customers with a somewhat exclusive way of living”, Annett Wettig, CEO of the inVENTer GmbH, explained.

The cover is easily removed, in order to exchange the incorporated dust filter. A special characteristic here is the washable circular filter, which makes the access to it so easy. By the means of a simple slot in system, the cover is removed and reinstalled without a problem. The thermal accumulator can easily be removed and cleaned as it is not necessary to unscrew the panel of the inner cover for it.

Another advantage: The inner cover now is compatible with the ventilation devices iV14R, iV14V and iV12-Smart, despite its lean optics. Thus, the cover “Flair” is a perfect fit for different ventilation systems and the different requirements in your living spaces. Its appealing optics refreshes your home living experience with aesthetics and design.

Thanks to the tiltable cover the user can adjust the airflow inside the rooms. Incoming air can be guided up or down. By directing the air towards the ceiling, the local ventilation is being optimised. “Flair” by inVENTer provides an extended individual usage of the ventilation systems to the customer.

Pollen- and fine filters are additionally available as an extra for a healthy living climate in your house. There is also a variation that increases the feel-good ambiance due to its sound insulating properties.
The unobtrusive and lean design of the new inner cover is prominent to this product. With a length and width of 233mm the casing is very slim. The open cover is only 61mm in deep; 43mm when it is closed.
The inVENTer GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of decentralised ventilation systems with heat recovers in Germany. The company, situated in Loeberschuetz, Thuringia, close to Jena, was founded in 1999 and is part of the British Volution Group since early 2014. Focussing on comfort, sustainability and environmentalism, inVENTer develops and produces ventilation systems that are ingeniously easy to install and operate. Individually fit to the customer’s needs, inVENTer can provide a solution for every construction situation- whether living- or work spaces, old- or new buildings, souterrain- or attic storeys. This is the reason why inVENTer systems are in use all over Europe.

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