Why room ventilation?

Building envelopes and windows developed enormously over the past decades. They get build even tighter or are more insulated That prevents unwanted loss of warmth and saves energy. However, with this tightened envelope there comes another danger: humidity and consequently, mould. The key word to prevent that is ventilation. But, why is regular room Ventilation so important for the inhabitants as well as for the landlords, and how do I ventilate efficiently?

Fresh air as elixir of life

Whoever merely opens their windows, when it smells unpleasantly or whenever water condensates inside, is dramatically underestimating the importance of fresh air for their home. The Ventilation therefore Plays an especially important role for our wellbeing, our health and the protection of the estate.
Each day a single person breathes in and out far more than 10.000 times. Without the regular supply with fresh oxygen - our elixir of life- we feel tired and uncomfortable. Stale air contains a heightened Level of carbon monoxide and has to be renewed regularly to avoid headaches or concentration Problems.
In warm air, humidity accumulates through our breath and various other activities like cooking, showering or bathing. It condensates when met with cold surfaces. Damages caused by humidity and spores of fungus are growing  permanently even at a 60% air humidity level. The inhaling of Toxins can cause serious diseases.  Sanitary and constructional reasons therefore demand a sufficient air exchange.

When Ventilation becomes a burden

Back in time, a lot of gaps enabled a fresh breeze in the house. Thanks to tightened Windows and walls, modern houses are way more energy efficient. But the ventilation cannot come in second. To what expand Ventilation is needed, depends on different factors like the season and the outside temperature. Room hygiene experts recommend to ventilate  intensely at least for four to six times a day.
No question that Ventilation challenges the inhabitants regularly, since in most households nobody is at home all the time. However, the right Ventilation is not only duty of the inhabitant. Courts expect the tenant  to fulfil the Maximum of Engagement in Ventilation. According to the regional court Frankfurt this means to open all Windows up to four times per day in order to avoid the growth and the spreading of mould. Nevertheless, Event the owner of the house can be Held responsible should an expert detect any construction defects.
The lawgiver laid down the Minimum air Exchange rate for residential Buildings in the energy consumption regulations (cf. EnEV 2014, paragraph6, section2).Therefore detailed Ventilation concepts are inevitable and often require ventilation devices. Moreover the DIN 1946-6 demands a Ventilation concept for newly built houses as well as for houses in renovation cases. Without such a concept the planner can be Held responsible for damages cause by humidity and mould. Architects and the sanitary sectors alike should take that into account and utter their recommendations according to the latest standard of Ventilation Technologies.

A controlled room Ventilation pays off

Everyone who has to deal with this topic and is lacking the necessary amount of time for window ventilation, can profit greatly from a decentralised Ventilation system by inVENTer. It automatically and independently provides a healthy room climate, avoids mould-growth and maintains the estates value.
A controlled room ventilation enables the ideal adjustment of the air flow to given circumstances and inhabitants. The intelligent inVENTer  ventilation systems are specifically installed into the outside walls and directs fresh air from the outside through every room. The devices can easily be mounted, do not need any additional piping and can easily be adjusted to your needs. With a good planning, the user merely feels the need to open the window at all, because the constant supply of fresh air.
In order to minimise loss of heating energy, the inVENTer devices contain an inbuilt heat accumulator. It collects the heat from the stale air while it is transported to the outside and recycles it to the incoming fresh air from outside. This enables a heat recovery rate of up to 93 percent. „This allows the benefits of a tight building envelope and stops unnecessary loss of energy“ Joachim Schrader,  building energy consultant from Wiesbaden. In favour of the implementation of a decentralised ventilation device is also the savings of heating energy, a highly efficient direct current  drive and the eligibility. For the planning and the choice of the necessary ventilation is to be decided for, individually. There should always be a individual ventilation concept  fitted to the requirements.

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  1. Maik at Tuesday, 15. October 2019
    Ich habe das am eigenen Leib erfahren, als wir unsere Fenster erneuerten. Fortan sammelte sich hier das Wasser an den Scheiben, obwohl wir nach der täglichen Körperhygiene stoßlüfteten. Dies betraf mit der Zeit auch die Fugen, die immer brauner wurden. Letztlich haben wir uns dann für einen Inverter entschieden gehabt.
    1. inVENTer GmbH at Friday, 08. November 2019
      Hallo Maik,

      vielen Dank, dass Sie sich die Zeit genommen haben, uns Ihre Erfahrung mitzuteilen. Mit einem inVENTer können Sie nicht nur dem Schimmelproblem entgegenwirken, Sie sparen zusätzlich auch wertvolle Heizenergie. Wir hoffen, dass Sie mit Ihrem inVENTer zufrieden sind und diese positiven Erfahrungen damit gemacht haben.

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