inVENTer inside – A Talk with Representative Dieter Karg

Decentralised Ventilation in Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary

The increasing number of houses and flats in Slovakia, Czechia and Hungary that are equipped with inVENTer-devices is, to a great deal, the earning of representative Dieter Karg and his 3 employees. 
The CEO of A-INVENT s.r.o. with their Headquarter in Czech Horažďovice, being an inVENTer representative, sells the products of the Company from Thuringias – fron the iV-Collection, to the PAX, up to the MZ-One.
Next to the Distribution of the inVENTer-ventilation devices, the A-INVENT s.r.o. fabricates air based solar collectors and conciliates mounting aids for companies selling prefabricated houses. „At the beginning of our cooperation with inVENTer, we were an exotic Company that had to cope with many prejudices, contend for registrations, struggled to be added for funding Programmes and many more obstacles. At the same time we paved the way for our   competitors that have now established themselves on the market“, the 60 year old CEO Dieter Karg reported. The father of 3 adults commuted between his home in Lukavica in Slovakia and the Czech Horažďovice.



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The representative Dieter Karg talks about his experiences with inVENTer.

Experiences & Projects – About bohemian villages and the Pilsner zoo

Primarily, Dieter Karg came into contact with these ventilation devices at the BAU fair 2004 in Munich. At that time he still was shareholder of a chzech Company that produces low-energy houses. The very first inVENTer-fan was installed in a chzech single-family house in 2005. One year later, he had another house build in Prague, which also was equipped with inVENTer Ventilation devices. He invited Peter Moser, former owner of Eco-house-tech inVENTer GmbH, for an inspectionon sight. On said day, they then travelled together the 120 km to the Headquarters of A-INVENT s.r.o.“ During the inspection of the model house, Peter Moser mentioned his new Navigation System that he just purchased and which he wanted to try during our ride. When I mentioned the street to the Highway, he insisted on using the way recommended by the Navigation System. However, it was programmed to avoid costly toll roads. We literally ended up driving through bohemian villages, which cost us 3 hours, which is double the time one usually needs“, Dieter Karg told laughing.

An event that he will not easily forget, happened at the pilsner zoo. We were there for an inspection of the building, for which we were to give a ventilation solution plan, when we realized that they were breeding reptiles, spiders and other exotic animals there. It was quite an unusual feeling, moving around and measuring in these narrow rooms surrounded by snakes, lizards and other creatures.” he reported smiling. Such unusual working conditions however, are extremely rare. Most often the representative company sells ventilation devices for singe family houses, as well as two- or multiple family homes.


Awarded houses with inVENTer fans

To give an example, the single family house in Lukavica, a small slovakian place at the foot of a mountain, has been equipped with modern ventilation technology – to be precise, six iV14R devices. Aditionally naturbo®-clay building boards, a water using wall heatingas well as an air-water-heating pump makeds this house a so called ultra-low-energy-house. Its heating requiry averages at only 35 kilowatt-hour per square meter, per year. Such numbers were promptly rewarded; the prefab house made it to third place in the competition for „house of the year“ of "Můj dům“-magazine. “That is the most popular magazine in the sector of building and living”. Pictures and information about this project can be found at the reference Lukavica.

Prizewinning wooden house in Lukavica

inVENTer reference in Lukavica

In the category „Standardised Buildings“ a model house by Atrium s.r.o., a chzech supplier of perfab building parts, reached third place in 2016. The two story building with rooftop terrace and guest apartment is supposed to convince the owner with a thought.through combination of modern architecture, high-end construction execution and the latest technology. Architecturally, the model house enthuses with light-flooded, spaceous rooms with exclusive materials and clever details. The technical equipment meets the latest standards. A heating pump in combination with underfoor heating guaranteed comfortable warmth in every room. The modification of the installed devices are implemented into the house technology is secured via bus system. That also includes decentralized ventilation systemsby inVENTer with the models iV14R that ensures a nice room climate at all times.  Pictures and further information about this project can be found at the referenz Atrium Pilsen.


Model House in Pilsen

inVENTer reference - Model House in Pilsen

The inhabitants of an appartment building in czech Prášily, can profit from a comfortable room climate and fresh air. The building in the traditional regional design contains ten fully furnished apartments for two to six persons each, with a kitchen and partly with an open fireplace. Guests, looking for an individual self-catering home for their holidays in the beautiful Bohemian Forest, make a find here.  The object has been renovated for energy efficiency in 2013 and contains triple glazed windows, an outer wall construction that is open to diffusion as well as an ideal thermal insulation. A modern wood pellet heating adds the nice coziness if necessary. Fresh and well.temperatured air is taken care of by 20 inVENTer ventilation devices of the series iV14R and iV-Twin. Pictures and further information about this project can be found at the reference: Appartementhaus Böhmerwald, Prášily in Tschechien.

New apartment building in the Bohemian Forest