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The human being is able to survive weeks without food, days without water, but only a few minutes without air. This is why ventilation became such an important topic for building, renovating and modernising houses.

The new inner cover is already fully booked: Although the sales of inVENTers latest inner cover “Flair” only start in December, the number of advance orders is already breathtaking.

To round off an innovative year, we are presenting the inner cover “Flair”. Plain, uncomplicated in handling and ingeniously easy, are the characteristics of our latest product.

The intelligent and acoustically barely noticeable ventilation system inVENTer PAX is capable of managing the airflow in multiple rooms at a time. Due to an increased sound insulation-ventilation, fresh air can flow into the room almost soundless.

From now on, we are inviting you, on every 1st Thursday of the month to come and visit us between 1 PM and 4:30PM to take a look into our plant. In our special showroom that we set up, so you can not only look at the products but try them for yourself and see them in action.