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Bafa funding for inVENTer ventilation systems

on to the energy transition with your bafa subsidy

State support is required to advance environmentally friendly technologies. One focus of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, or BAFA for short, is to support new, particularly energy-efficient technologies and measures that help save energy and to build them up with funding.

So far, the replacement of the heating system as well as various measures for heating optimization have been eligible for funding. The use of renewable energies through to energy advice for residential buildings was also supported by the division of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with subsidies.

Since January 2020, BAFA has also been subsidizing the combination of a ventilation system with heat recovery with an eligible heat pump of up to 45%.

BAFA-Förderung für inVENTer-Lüftungsanlagen
Kostengünstiger Basislüfter iV-Light von inVENTer

The decentralized ventilation systems from inVENTer ensure hygienic and healthy air exchange in the building. In pairs, they are embedded in the outer walls and, coordinated with one another, are alternately in supply or exhaust air mode. The integrated ceramic heat accumulator stores the warm exhaust air and releases it to the incoming fresh air in the supply air phase. With this method, the inVENTer fans achieve a degree of heat recovery of up to 94% (with the → iV-Twin +). Combined with a heat pump, you can easily save a large amount of energy.

BAFA has recognized this potential for energy savings and has been supporting the combination of ventilation with heat recovery and heat pumps with a BAFA grant of up to 45% of the investment costs since January 1, 2020. The basic requirement for funding is the joint operation of both systems in terms of control technology.

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