Retrofit a controlled ventilation system

Wohnraumlüftung nachrüsten, Lüftungssystem für Haus

There are many reasons for retrofitting living space ventilation: Your own four walls are constantly supplied with fresh air, built-in filters keep pollen, dust and other dirt particles out, and noise stays outside thanks to soundproofing accessories. A ventilation system guarantees a continuous exchange of air.

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Ventilation system for your home including heat recovery

Be- und Entlüftungsanlage für Ihr Zuhause inklusive Wärmerückgewinnung

Proper ventilation for every home with or without heat recovery is one of the most important planning and construction decisions today. This decision influences the quality of living, the energy balance and the long-term preservation of your home. Here you can find out more about the ventilation systems.

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Basement ventilation

Kellerlüftung mit inVENTer-Lüftungsanlagen

Ventilation not only serves to supply oxygen, but also to remove moisture. But the ventilation is often done wrong, so that the moisture on the cold cellar walls is even easier. Basement ventilation works a little differently than home ventilation. Read here what the causes of moisture in the basement are and the easiest way to solve these problems.

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Forced ventilation

Zwangsbelüftung im Haus

Forced ventilation or controlled living space ventilation – what is the best way? Both tenants and landlords agree that regular air changes must be guaranteed. In the following guide, the subject of “forced ventilation” is examined from both the tenant and the landlord’s point of view and ways are shown how ventilation, even without force, benefits both parties.

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