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Installation and assembly of decentralized ventilation from inVENTer

Easy assembly - great versatility!

The decentralized ventilation systems and our exhaust air systems from InVENTer not only create a fresh, comfortable climate, they can also be built into your wall in just a few steps. To ensure that the ventilation units can be used quickly and smoothly, please refer to our installation and operating instructions. You can also watch the installation in our installation video.

The following seven steps give you an overview of how you can install your ventilation or exhaust air system in a few simple steps.

Our customer service will be happy to advise you if you have any questions.

Assembly and installation of iV14-Zero

Assembly and installation of iV-Smart +

With these tips and tricks, you can install your own ventilation system

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  • Avoid installation errors in order to prevent later danger
  • Retrofitting ventilation – this is how retrofitting works
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  • This saves you money when installing the ventilation

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Work step Job Tool Needed time
Step 1 Carry out core hole drilling Milling drill 5 Min.
Step 2 Insert wall sleeve mounting wedges, jigsaw, spirit level 10 Min.
Step 3 Fix the wall sleeve Cutter, non-pressing assembly foam 15 Min. +24 hours drying
Step 4 Attach sealing tapes Sealing tape 15 Min.
Step 5 Screw the weather protection hood to the facade Pen, spirit level, dowels, screws, drill 20 Min.
Step 6 Insert ceramic thermal accumulator and connect reversible fan screwdriver 5 Min.
Step 7 Attach the inner cover Spirit level, pen, screws 10 Min.

Simple and error-free – install ventilation with the Simplex wall installation system

We recommend using the Simplex mounting block. This mounting system including wall sleeve is used during the shell construction phase in the new building and thus replaces steps 1 to 3 (core hole drilling and wall sleeve). This saves you 30 minutes of installation time + 24 hours of drying time and you can go straight to step 4.

inVENTer supports you with the ventilation installation

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