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Would you like an overview of decentralized living space ventilation and want to know how such a ventilation system works? Are you also interested in the installation and maintenance of the ventilation units? Here you will find everything to do with home ventilation – regardless of whether you are an architect, plumber or end user.

Architect – TGA specialist planner – energy consultant

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Assembly for installers

Installation and assembly of inVENTer ventilation



Montage von dezentraler Wohnraumlüftung
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Ventilation for private customers

Basics about decentralized living space ventilation


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The latest from the inVENTer world

Fan with activated carbon filter: Fresh air during rush hour
In large cities or on busy streets, the outside air is rarely clean. Who wants all exhaust gases to be directed into the apartment during rush hour ...
Healthy indoor climate and excellent breathing air
Humans breathe around 7 liters per minute, which is a total of around 10,000 liters of air every day. This contrasts with the recommended daily amount ...
Window rebate ventilators or decentralized living space ventilation?
It sounds tempting: window rebate ventilators are inexpensive, easy to assemble and easy to clean. Without special filter systems or ...
Connection and assembly aid for installing the MZ - One controller
Our new controller system MZ - One was successfully brought onto the market in June of last year. The device is capable of ...
inVENTer Pulsar extractor fan - whisper-quiet and innovative
With the Pulsar we offer an innovative extractor fan for installation in the false ceiling. The powerful system is ...
Förderprogramme zur energetischen SanierungFörderprogramme zur energetischen Sanierung
Energy efficiency class A for decentralized ventilation systems
The EU is asked to implement the climate targets for the coming decades: across industries, manufacturers and countries. Since 01/01/2016 ...
inVENTer enters into international cooperation with
At the Vienna Construction Fair from January 28th - 31st, 2016 in the Austrian capital, we not only presented new products from our ...
inVENTer grants a 30-year manufacturer guarantee
New guarantee periods for inVENTer products. With the beginning of the new year, we are granting a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee on all electrical components and ...
Assembly block for the shell
Another product from in-house development is a fresh addition to the inVENTer range: With the D-180 assembly block, we, as a specialist in ...
A monument becomes a library.
The former Reussische Amtshaus, located in the small town of Schleiz in Thuringia, looks back on an eventful history. Built in 1833, it was ...
Seeresidenz in MistelbachSeeresidenz in Mistelbach
"Flair" inner cover - attractive appearance of decentralized ventilation systems
From December 1st, users of decentralized ventilation systems can convince themselves of the properties of a new inner panel from inVENTer ...
Sozialer Wohnungsbau mit preisgekröntem KonzeptSozialer Wohnungsbau mit preisgekröntem Konzept
Social housing with an award-winning concept
In the small town of Griffen near Klagenfurt, Austria, the company Griffner Haus AG has a unique ...
Funktionsprinzip von dezentralen LüftungsanlagenFunktionsprinzip von dezentralen Lüftungsanlagen
No chance for mold, pollen and odors - decentralized living space ventilation from inVENTer
Humans can go weeks without food, days without fluids, but only for a few minutes without air. For this reason, the decentralized ...
Rush to inVENTer "Flair"
New inner cover already fully booked: Although sales of the new inVENTer inner panel "Flair" will officially only start in December, the number of ...
Inconspicuous, compact and with a special flair
At the end of this innovative year, we present our new "Flair" inner panel. Simple, uncomplicated to use and ingenious ...
Silence, peace and satisfaction in your own four walls
The intelligent, acoustically barely perceptible ventilation system inVENTer PAX is able to ventilate several rooms at the same time. Thanks to the increased ...
inVENTer awarded for the fourth time
Renewed participation in the Thuringia Sustainability Agreement.
Hausbelüftung mit Wärmerückgewinnung: KreuzstromwärmetauscherHausbelüftung mit Wärmerückgewinnung: Kreuzstromwärmetauscher
MZ - One revolutionizes ventilation control
InVENTer GmbH revolutionizes decentralized ventilation control with the launch of the first multi-zone controller, the MZ-One.
iV12 - Smart - the new compact ventilation class
The ingenious shape of the clever weather protection hood of our new compact ventilation system ensures the best air outflow away from the facade.
Radonschutz dank LüftungRadonschutz dank Lüftung
Radon protection thanks to ventilation - "RadonVent" research project: Decentralized ventilation reduces the concentration of radon activity indoors
In radon precaution areas, according to the Radiation Protection Act, regulations for protection against radon in buildings with common rooms, such as ...
Ventilation planning in Corona times
Ventilation planning is more demanding today than ever: With the corona pandemic, the demands on hygienic indoor air that ...
Prevent contamination via aerosols through ventilation systems
We remember that 2020 is the year when everyone can explain, or at least has heard of, the term "aerosols". Blame...
inVENTer inside: An interview with sales representative Frank Raida
"I sell benefits - fresh air at that!" That is Frank Raida's credo. With his company Raida Haustechnik based in the Bavarian ...
inVENTer inside - A visit to Alfred Eggensperger
Alfred Eggensperger, sales representative in Austria, has not only been equipping energy-efficient residential and office buildings with inVENTer ventilation devices since 2006 ...
Ventilation in hotels & micro-apartments
In apartment buildings with micro-apartments such as hotels or dormitories, ventilation systems are inevitable and quite...
Quality promise confirmed by TÜV Thuringia - inVENTer certified according to DIN ISO 9001
The customer needs are the focus of the clearly defined quality standards of inVENTer GmbH. "For us, quality means meeting customer expectations ...
Die Handelsvertretung Dieter Karg erzählt über seine Erfahrungen mit inVENTer.Die Handelsvertretung Dieter Karg erzählt über seine Erfahrungen mit inVENTer.
inVENTer inside - sales representative Dieter Karg in conversation
The fact that more and more houses and apartments in Slovakia, in the Czech Republic and in Hungary are equipped with inVENTer ventilation devices is ensured by ...
Assembly block Simplex - Individual assembly systems for your construction projects
The new Simplex assembly system has been on the market since July 3rd. The further development of our proven wall mounting blocks combines for the first time ...
Why is room ventilation actually?
Building envelopes and windows have changed a lot over the last few decades. They are built more and more densely or better insulated. This....
Experience with inVENTer: Better than the competition - reports Mollwiltzbau
In February 2015 Mollwitz Massivhaus GmbH built a six-party house in Hamburg. In accordance with our own high quality standards ...
Housing construction in Germany - ventilation concept required for new buildings
Housing construction has been booming for years. This is not least due to low interest rates, a robust job market and attractive investment opportunities for ...
inVENTer - ventilation - from emergency exit to valued companion
The retiree and former accounting official Rainer S. visited the GET Nord, a trade fair for electrical, sanitary, heating and air conditioning. There he met ...
inVENTron - technology - comfort ventilation of the future
What do aerospace have to do with decentralized ventilation systems? More than you might think. Our research and development department ...
Basic controller "sMove" - ventilation control for more lightness and living comfort
Available in January for the BAU 2017 trade fair - plan and pre-order the new control technology now.
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