Invisible, wireless, noiseless – the new fans 2019/20

inVENTer-revolution: The dawn of a new ventilation age

The new generation of ventilation from inVENTer combines all your wishes for a pleasant and quiet living climate in your own home: from wireless ventilation and controlling via your own independent network or WiFi to almost invisible coverage of the ventilation - both outside and inside. Enjoy quiet and stylish living with the invisible and silent ventilation generation from inVENTer. Choose what is most important to you.

Ventilate wirelessly

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Wireless control of your ventilation – control your ventilation systems automatically via smartphone app. Integration into SmartHome is also possible.

Wireless ventilation

Invisible ventilation

Invisible ventilation

Both outside and inside, the ventilation is now barely visible. Arrange your home according to your preferences. There are no limits to your creativity.

Invisible ventilation

Silent ventilation

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Thanks to the new patented soundproofing concept, silent ventilation is now possible. Enjoy the peace and quiet of your own home.

Silent ventilation

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Wireless ventilation with inVENTer Connect

Available from 2020

  • Wireless ventilation control 
  • Control via Smartphone app or on the controller display
  • Invisible ventilation thanks to flush-mounted inner panel
  • Dew point control enables cellar ventilation

Wireless ventilation control makes ventilation more versatile and easier than ever before. The smart control system from inVENTer ensures the best air quality in your living rooms - fully automatic or individually controllable according to your preferences and needs via smartphone app. This product platform for wireless control ensures the best air quality fully automatically without any wiring. Thanks to the integrated sensors, moisture-controlled cellar ventilation is now possible.

In 3 steps to wireless ventilation:


Wireless ventilation vía Smartphone app

Step 1:

Communication through your own independent network at 868 MHz

Ventilation from cellar to roof without any cabling: Via the independent network at 868 MHz your ventilation devices communicate with each other automatically without complicated cabling through the whole house. Due to the separation from the WiFi network, the frequency is interference-free and convinces with an excellent range. With this smart control system, maximum ventilation comfort and the best air quality are achieved fully automatically and, if desired, completely without user intervention.


Step 2:

Invisible, wireless and fully automatic: the new IB Connect inner panel

Once connected to the mains, it communicates via the network with all other ventilation devices. The new inVENTer internal panel has a series of intelligent sensors that ensure maximum air quality in your living and cellar rooms - even fully automatically if required. The closing flap, which closes automatically during breaks or when deactivated, also makes your ventilation system invisible with inVENTer Connect. As a flush-mounted variant, it "disappears" discreetly into the house’s walls.

Step 3:

Wireless control of ventilation devices and ventilation areas

With the “Easy Connect” controller, up to 16 ventilation devices can be controlled. In addition, it allows intervention on the setting of up to 4 ventilation areas. The settings are made via Bluetooth using the free „inVENTer Mobile” app in the immediate vicinity of the controller. Like the new IB Connect internal panel, the controller is integrated via the network and thus processes all information transmitted wirelessly by the individual ventilation devices. Cellar ventilation is also no longer a problem thanks to an outdoor sensor for a dep point control with Easy-Connect.

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Flush-mounted inner panel IB Connect




A step into the future – with the intelligent system hub „Prime-Connect” your ventilation becomes even smarter

With the new intelligent system hub "Prime-Connect", you take the next step in ventilation control. As a top alternative to the multi-zone controller "Easy Connect", the intelligent system hub gives you full inVENTer Connect functionality without additional controllers, buttons or other control modules. Organize the entire ventilation of your home on your smartphone from the comfortable couch. The new "Prime-Connect" controls up to 32 ventilation units and the sensors in up to 8 ventilation zones. The individual settings are too complicated for you? Then use the practical predefined ventilation profiles and assign them to the individual rooms. This allows you to ventilate both individually and demand-oriented as well as fully automatically. Integration and access to multi-zone management takes place via your WiFi. The free smartphone app "inVENTer Mobile" is also available for this purpose.

Sensor-controlled basement ventilation with heat recovery


Invisible ventilation with corner closure and new inVENTer inner panel

Available from summer 2019

With the new Corner closure from inVENTer, the outer cover of our decentralised ventilation system is even more inconspicuous. Since the weather-resistant reveal grille is very narrow, it disappears into the window reveal and ensures a smooth and harmonious facade. You will almost no longer be able to hear outside noises, the fresh air flows silently through the flat duct with new insulation material into the interior. So, you can enjoy pleasant peace and quiet within your own walls.

  • Installation in external insulation from 70 mm thickness
  • Easy cleaning with filter cassette
  • Flush-mounted inner panel with in-wall housing
  • Optimum airflow and intelligent electronics

Cleaning the corner channel is very easy, because access is possible from the window via a filter cassette and is therefore done very quickly. Your ventilation system is now virtually invisible not only on the outside, but also inside with the IB Connect inner screen. Since you install it with its flush-mounted housing, it is possible to paint it in the appropriate wall colour or to provide it with matching wallpaper. Your wall design will have no more gaps. The visually inconspicuous ventilation slot is located on the top of the tilted inner cover, which also ensures optimum air flow. Fresh air, always exactly where you need it - without any disturbing cover elements.

Click on the floor plan and experience the individual ventilation areas


Invisible ventilation with corner closure and new inVENTer inner panel




Silent ventilation with XENION technology from inVENTer

In order not to scare up their prey, owls have developed special feather structures that make silent flying possible. There are three secrets behind the silent flying of owls: the toothed leading edge, the flexible and fringed trailing edge and the meow feathers that make gliding particularly quiet.  For imitation in ventilation technology, it means moving the air as quietly as owls when flying.  
The new XENION fans are based on this fascinating flying technique and make ventilation quieter than ever before. The new XENION technology from inVENTer combines minimum noise emission with maximum power.

  • Sound insulation up to 60 dB
  • Natural sound at all levels below 29 dB(A)
  • Integrated whisper mode with only 13 dB(A)
  • Closed structure without direct sound passage
  • More air and less noise

This reversing fan works extremely quietly and has a power consumption of only 3 W. The patented design of the fan allows considerably higher air volume flows without direct sound passage. The fan blades form a perfect sound barrier. In combination with the special Inventin sound insulation lining, which is used in the iV14-Zero, you achieve a standard sound level difference of 56 dB and a natural sound level of 13 - 29 dB(A) without reducing the maximum air volume flow. The rustling of the duvet is even louder than the ventilation. If the new XENION technology is combined with the new narrow corner duct, sound insulation of up to 60 dB is achieved. So you can enjoy peaceful and restful nights in fresh air - just as you want it to feel at home.

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