Promise of Quality approved by TÜV Thuringia

inVENTer certified according to DIN ISO 9001

The customer’s needs are focal point of the clearly defined quality standard of the inVENTer GmbH, „Quality means for us, to fulfil the customer’s expectations, and, if possible, even surpass them.“ CEO Annett Wettig explained. „Following this spirit, the quality of our products and our customer service is decisive for our success.  We are performing in our customer’s best interest at all times and are also a reliable partner for international trades.“ This self-conception has now been certified by the neutral TÜV Thuringia (German Association for Technical Inspection) with the norm „DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015“. The ISO 9001 is the global operating, sector-independent and most often implemented quality management system. Per definition, a certified QM-system as ISO 9001 proves that a company is capable to offer products that meet the customers needs, fulfil all legal restrictions and still is ambitioned to improve their services.


inVENTer certified according to DIN ISO 9001


„Very high quality awareness" - inVENTer GmbH


„Very high quality awareness"

The 76 inVENTer GmbH employees have internalised the standards of the norm „Din EN ISO 9001: 2015“ and are reliably acting according to it – the TÜV Thuringia came to conclude after a 3-day auditorium in June of 2017 at the inVENTer Headquarters in Loeberschuetz. „Especially good news was the employees high quality awareness and the vivid quality management within the company." Moreover, the auditors certified an active cooperation of the employees towards a continuously increasing quality standard. Hence stability and growth of the company is the result of these constant improvements. The QM-system under inspection, covers the process, construction and manufacturing, as well as the sales, and customer support for the ventilation systems. The five-year manufacturer’s guarantee attest the company-own believe in their products’ quality. The company’s quality however also consists of individual consultation. InVENTer therefore has 43 inVENTer representatives. The customer counselling is guided by a technical expert at sight, while a general customer service is, of course, available over the phone as well.


inVENTer decentralised ventilation systems - Clear quality guidelines and constant product-innovations


Your Person of Contact
inVENTer - Ihr persönlicher Ansprechpartner
Your Person of Contact

inVENTer is very endeavoured to build a long-lasting customer relationship and accompanies you in all questions concerning your Ventilation devices. Get into contact with us – no question stays unanswered.


The employees credit

According to the  auditorium report, the auditor of TÜV Thuringia was able to experience an open, collaborative an constructive working atmosphere. CEO Annett Wettig takes this as a clear affirmation for inVENTer:“ The positive feedback of this extensive auditorium in the frame of the quality management system, must be credited to all employees of the different business areas of our company that are working day in and day out with their heart’s blood for inVENTer. Therefore, I have to  give thanks to the whole staff.“  



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