Mounting block Simplex

Individual mounting systems for your construction project

  • Pipe with integrated incline
  • Individual customisation
  • Accurate high-speed assembly
  • Impermeable/ -open to RAL
  • Professional acoustic decoupling
  • For every wall thickness


The latest inVENTer-mounting system Simplex is on the market since the 3rd of July. The constant evolution of our approved wall mounting blocks combines, for the first time, the mounting block with the wall insert and an incline in the structural work – that saves time and costs. Possible complications with an application of decentralized ventilation system later on can thus be diminished with the customisation for each project and the delivery directly from the manufacture. The ventilation concept is previously developed by the inVENTer experts and pays credit for possible future installation of single modules. inVENTer created an all-round carefree package that benefits planners, architects and installers alike. There is also a special treat for our customers. The end consumer will receive an individually adjusted and fit decentralised ventilation device.

Decentralised ventilation in the structural work- ventilation mounting in 5 steps

Mounting block Simplex - Step 1: Application into the masonry
Mounting block Simplex - Step 2: Apply the underlying plaster
Mounting block Simplex - Step 3: Rendering oft he outside wall
Mounting block Simplex - Step 4: Application weather protection hood
Mounting block Simplex - Step 5: Application inner cover
Mounting block Simplex - Keep it Simplex


Your advantages with the wall mounting block Simplex

30 minutes per vent – safe installation time during shell construction


  • With the installation of the new wall mounting block Simplex into the shell con-struction can skip two steps in the assembly process of a decentralised ventilation device: The tapping drill hole and the subsequent installation of the wall sleeve, which itself requires 24 hours to dry are inapplicable. Professional installers will save up to 30 minutes per ventilation device.

    The new mounting system replaces the brick directly in the shell construction and can cover a thickness of 490 millimeters. The total wall thickness in the end, insu-lation included, can be adjusted with the overlapping wall sleeve.

    Depending on the wall composition, the mounting system for the installation of  the vents can be cut to the necessary requirements of the construction project by our manufacturing department. Even the wall sleeve is professionally installed, meaning that the necessary decline is already integrated. Moreover, it is sound decoupled  and, conform to RAL, implemented in the mounting block. With these steps inVENTer covers the most sensitive part of the installation of a ventilation device, which leads the way for a flawless assembly of your decentralised ventilation system.

    The latest fixture and fitting is another milestone for inVENter’s service portfolio. Next to the issuing of a ventilation concept, free of charge, the inVENTer experts also cover the palnning of the Simplex mounting modules and offer advice, if needed, throughout the whole installation process or in form of a professional training. The result is that the mounting of the inVENTer ventilation systems is much easier. At the same time the use of Simplex mounting blocks guarantees the lowest possible error rate – in combination with time and cost advantages.


    inVENTer-mounting system Simplex, Pipe with integrated incline, accurate high-speed assembly
  • Dimension(W x H, D project dependent)
              iV-Smart + iV14R260 x 295 mm
              aV100249 x 249 mm
    Reaction to fireFire resisting
    Min. Masonry thickness175 mm
    Max. Masonry thickness490 mm
    Overall wall thickness≤ 715 mm
    inVENTer-mounting system Simplex, Individual mounting systems for your construction project
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