inVENTer Connect

Wireless app-based ventilation control

Available from 2020

  • Wireless control of the ventilation system
  • Control and programming via "inVENTer Mobile" app or local controller
  • Flush-mounted inner cover
  • Sensor-controlled basement ventilation
  • Soon also with voice control
Wireless app-based ventilation control




Controller platform


Controller platform


Wireless control


Wireless control


Operation via app


Operation via app


Dew point control


Dew point control
  • inVENTer Connect – product platform for wireless control

    A major step towards the future – a wireless controller platform that can control all inVENTer ventilation units via a smartphone app. inVENTer Connect makes ventilation control more diverse and easier than ever before. With this smart control system, maximum ventilation comfort and optimum air quality are achieved fully automatically and on request without user intervention.
    This controller platform consists of:

    • a separate, built-in network for wireless communication (868 MHz)
    • a fully automatic, flush-mounted "IB Connect" inner cover
    • a multi-zone "Easy Connect"controller for easy control of up to 16 devices and sensors in up to 4 ventilation zones
    • or an intelligent "Prime Connect" system hub, which requires no additional controller or buttons. This is where the local Wi-Fi network comes into play.

    Part 1: Independent network
    Operating at a frequency of 868 MHz, the system's built-in network enables wireless communication between the individual ventilation units anywhere in the house – from the basement to the roof. The frequency is clearly separated from other Wi-Fi networks and is thus completely fail-safe with excellent range.

    Part 2: "IB Connect" inner cover with automatic cover flap
    A prerequisite for inVENTer Connect is the fully automatic IB Connect inner cover. This is integrated into the network and connected to the local mains electricity network. The wiring needed to control conventional devices is completely eliminated. An automatic cover flap seals the inner cover when the system is paused or deactivated. The "IB Connect" is available as either a surface-mounted or flush-mounted version.


    "IB Connect" inner cover with automatic cover flap

    Part 3: "Easy Connect" multi-zone controller

    The Easy Connect controller enables easy control of up to 16 ventilation units and sensors via the app/Bluetooth or directly on the controller itself. The latter is integrated into the network in the same way as the inner cover. The "Easy Connect" multi-zone controller also includes an integrated humidity and temperature sensor. Data about the ventilation device, air quality, air humidity and temperature for the respective ventilation zones can be read directly on the display.  With an outdoor sensor, dew point control for the basement ventilation is also possible. In this configuration, the system then switches between ventilation and heat recovery mode fully automatically.

    Easy control directly on the controller itself
    Easy control directly via the app/Bluetooth

    Part 4: "Prime Connect" intelligent system hub

    No controllers, buttons or control modules necessary! The inVENTer "Prime Connect" intelligent hub is the practical alternative to the "Easy Connect" multi-zone controller and an absolute first in the market. The "Prime Connect" hub makes it possible to control up to 32 ventilation systems and sensors in up to 8 different ventilation zones. 
    The system integration and management of multiple zones is achieved via the local Wi-Fi network. As usual, the hub has access to its own 868-MHz network, which ensures that the full spectrum of inVENTer Connect functionality is available. 
    The system can be activated and programmed using the free "inVENTer Mobile" app, which is available from the Play Store/App Store. But that's not all – control and programming via voice control will soon be available. This is truly a killer feature!

    Easy control achieved via the local Wi-Fi network
  • Sensor-controlled basement ventilation with heat recovery

    Dew point temperature is the measure of the absolute humidity in the air. The lower this value is, the more water vapour the air can absorb. Uncontrolled basement ventilation (e.g. via an open basement window) exacerbates the usual problems of dampness in cellars and basements via additional condensation humidity from the air. The walls absorb so much moisture that large-scale mould growth then becomes inevitable. 
    It is precisely this problem that makes inVENTer's fully automatic basement ventilation system the ideal solution. inVENTer Connect is available now and makes moisture-controlled cellar ventilation possible. The system determines the optimum ventilation conditions by means of the humidity and temperature sensors linked to the Connect controller platform (indoor and outdoor sensor). Based on the sensor data, the system then decides completely autonomously which ventilation level and mode should be selected in order to ensure an ideal indoor climate. Depending on whether the basement is inhabited (and heated) or uninhabited, the basement ventilation can be configured with or without heat recovery.

    Sensor-controlled basement ventilation with heat recovery
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