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inVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV-Smart+ Top InnenansichtinVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV-Smart+ Top Innenansicht
inVENTer Dachlüfter iV-Smart+ Top AußenansichtinVENTer Dachlüfter iV-Smart+ Top Außenansicht
inVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV-Smart+ Top ExplosionsdarstellunginVENTer-Lüftungssystem iV-Smart+ Top Explosionsdarstellung

Powerful compact fan for installation in the roof area

ProjectThe iV-Smart+ Top in action

inVENTer-Referenz iV-Smart+ Top Löberschütz

The iV-Smart+ Top can be installed in attic apartments using a special weather protection hood. The system is placed directly under the pitched roof and the air outlet is routed to the outside via the roof.

iV-Smart+ Top Bemaßung Werte
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