inVENTer iV-Smart

The compact fan

  • 5 years manufacturer´s warranty
  • Patented inVENTron-technology
  • Energy Efficiency class A+
  • Content of delivery

    The inVENTer iV-Smart consists of:

    • a round wall sleeve
    • a ceramic heat accumulator in honey-comb design 
    • a reverse fan embedded in the inVENTron dual airflow control unit
    • a sealable inner cover with dust filter
    • flat or trapezoidal weather protection hood in steel-grey or white (further colours available on demand)


    inVENTer iV-Smart, easy to integrate in every project


    The intelligent and high performance inVENTer iV-Smart with the newest inVENTron technology is easy to integrate in every project.

    The small and inconspicuous inner cover directs the air flow in every desirable direction, with an adjustable tilting. The weather protection hood transports the exhausted air away from the external walland thus provides additional protection.

    The air supply is remarkably high due to the honeycombed-structure of the ceramic core. 


    nVENTer iV-Smart, Small compact all-rounder


    The intelligent and high-performance device iV-Smart can be installed into every construction Project. For new houses or in the frame of a renovation: the compact all-rounder with only 160 mm pipe-diameter adjusts to all circumstances of functionality and design. The wall installation block can be used as installation aid for a quick installation into newly build houses.

    Efficiency enhancement

    The incorporated inVENTron-technology directs the air volume flow for enhanced Efficiency and simultaneously  eliminates the dead water area of the heat accumulator. The iV-Smart, being the first ventilation device to fully profit from the full potential of a decentralised ventilation device, it reaches up to 93% heat recovery. On average the iV-Smart provides a heat recovery of 80% per year and is therefore qualified for various funding programmes.


    Like all decentralised ventilation systems by inVENTer the iV-Smart comes with various possible accessories for the individual configuration. The iV-Smart can be equipped according to your linking and different needs. Next to alternative filters and mounting aids, you can choose between two premium stainless steel  weather protection hoods for the external  end which  are available in various colours.

    Sound protection

    The efficient reverse fans enable a acoustically hardly recognisable air circulation. The compact, elegant inner cover Flair is can control the air volume flow in every desired direction and can be closed with a simple pressure movement. The sound insulation can be enhanced by a sound protector, sound insulation insert as well as a sound insulation mat, just according to your needs.  A combination of different accessories therefore creates an effective sound insulation device. 

    Energy Efficiency lable A+

    The iV-Smart itself belongs to the most energy-efficient Ventilation devices on the market. In combination with a sensor or the Controller MZ-One, the iV-Smart with it´s little energy consumption, belongs to in the energy efficiency class A+. With this, the device easily scores in the highest category when it comes to energy efficiency. Even if the sMove Controller without a sensor is used it still deserves efficiency-label A.

    5 years of manufacturer´s warranty

    As inVENTer and manufacturer of reliable and durable products, we provide a Germany-wide manufacturer`s warranty for excellent processing and quality. We grant a warranty of five years for the reverse fan, plus all electrical components and the wall sleeve. We even provide a manufacturer´s warranty of 30 years for our heat accumulator.

    Learn more about our latest inVENTron-technology in our blog article.

  • Technical details

    • Air volume flow: m³/h 5-20
    • Heat provision level: up to 0.93 (93%)
    • Power consumption: 1-3 W
    • Wall opening in mm: Ø 180
    • Wall thickness in mm: >300
    • Standard sound level difference: (dB) 32-45
    • Sound emission (dB (A)): 18-40
    • Energy efficiency category MZ/ZR: A+ / A
    • Temperature range in °C: -20 to +50 °C
  • Downloads

    Product overview
    inVENTer product overview »

    Installation and operating instructions
    Operation and instruction manual for the ventilation system inVENTer iV-Smart »

    inVENTer information prospectus (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    Kunden-Informationsmappe »

  • Accessories

    • Inner cover Flair V-233x233, white SDE
    • Dust filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Pollen filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Fine filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Round cable (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50m x 48 mm
    • Insulation fixing set
    • 2 components assembly foam (companies only)
    • Wall installation insert D180 V-210x249x120
    • Polystyrene protective disc R-D180x30
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