inVENTer iV14-MaxAir

Ventilation unit for large rooms

  • Extra strong: air volume flow of up to 90 m³ / h
  • Low power consumption of max. 5 W
  • 88 % heat recovery
  • New construction and retrofit made easy: in a 200 mm tube
  • Xenion® EFP for more power
  • More is better - Ventilation for large rooms

    inVENTer's high performance device iV14-MaxAir automatically ensures a hygienic exchange of air in large commercial spaces.

    The Xenion® EFP reversing fan enables an air volume flow of up to 90 m³/h in exhaust air mode and has a wind pressure stabilizer as well as a a temperature monitor. Thanks to its increased speed, it ensures sufficient fresh air in large rooms, such as in fitness rooms, daycare centers as well as seminar and common rooms

    The inVENTron® double air control unit directs the air flow in a targeted manner through the ceramic reservoir inside the fan, which thereby recovers 88 % of the exhaust air heat.
    With the low power consumption of a maximum of 5 W, it is classified in the highest energy efficiency class A+/A.

    Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily installed both in new buildings with the Simplex assembly block and in retrofit.

    iV14-MaxAir - ventilation for large rooms
  • Wall opening [mm]:  Ø 225
    Minimum wall thickness incl. plaster [mm]:  280
    Air volume flow [m³/h]: 10 - 45
    Exhaust air volume flow [m³/h]: 20 - 90
    Power consumption [W]:  1 - 5
    Heat recovery [%]: 88
    Volume flow related electr. fan output [W/(m3/h)]: 0,14
    Fan voltage [V DC]: 6 - 16
    Weather protection hood [B x H, mm]: 279 x 313
    Inner cover [B x H, mm]: 233 x 233
    Range of application: -20 °C - 50 °C
    Standard sound level difference [dB]: 38 - 45
    Sound pressure 1 m [dB(A)]: 26 - 51
    Energy efficiency class: A+ / A


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  • Downloads

    Product overview
    inVENTer product overview

    inVENTer information brochure (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    inVENTer information brochure

    Installation and operating instructions for iV14-MaxAir
    Installation and operating instructions

    Flyer iV-Office and iV14-MaxAir
    inVENTer Flyer


  • Accessory


    • Dust Filter G4 Inner Cover Flair
    • Pollen Filter Inner Cover Flair
    • Activated Carbon Filter Inner Cover Flair


    Sound Protection:

    • Sound Insulation Insert R-D200
    • Sound Protector SPR R-D200


    Wind Protection:

    Wind Protector WSE R-D200



    • Simplex 365 inkl. Wandeinbauhülse
    • Simplex 490 inkl. Wandeinbauhülse
    • Verlängerungsset WEH R-D200
    • Wandeinbaublock WEB D230


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    inVENTer planning manual
    Download planning manual

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