inVENTer iV14R-Ohio

For restoration and a subsequent installation for external walls with kittle wall thickness

  • up to 89% heat recovery
  • ideal for subsequent installation
  • integration into thin external walls
inVENTer iV14R-Ohio, decentral mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • inVENTer iV14R-Ohio, mechanical Ventilation with ceramic core


    The iV14R-Ohio is a ventilation device fit for subsequent installation especially into thin external walls.

    This fan has been developed for buildings with typically "American" walls and therefore was given a well known American name. Supplementary to the iV14R fan is the special outdoor hood in steel-grey.

    The iV14R-Ohio saves heating energy with an heat recovery rate of up to 89%.  Additionally, our fan, fit for the installation into thin walls, meets the requirements of the EnEV concerning the minimum air exchange.

    Contents of delivery

    Der inVENTer iV14R-Ohio consists of:



    • a round wall sleeve, fit to the respective wall thickness
    • a cartridge with ceramic heat accumulator and reverse fan
    • a sealable inner cover (round or square) with dust filter
      • a stainless steel weather protection hood "Ohio" in grey

  • Technical Details

    • Air volume flow: m³/h 10 – 25
    • Extract air performance: m³/h 20 – 50
    • Input voltage (V DC): 6 - 16
    • Heat provision level: up to 0,89 (89%)
    • Power consumption: 1 - 3 W
    • Wall opening in mm: d = 225
    • Wall thickness in mm: >160
    • Sound emission (dB(A)): 20 – 39
    • Degree of protection: IP 20
    • International protection: III
    • Energy efficiency category: A
    • Temperature range in °C: -20 bis +50° C
  • Downloads

    Product overview
    inVENTer product overview »

    inVENTer information prospectus (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    inVENTer information prospectus »


  • Accessories

    • Inner cover R-D290, white – RAL9010 SDE
    • Inner cover Flair V-223x233, white SDE
    • Sound insulation insert IB-R-D290
    • Dust filter inner cover R-D290 (2x)
    • Dust filter inner cover V-284x284 (2x)
    • Dust filter inner cover V-220x200 (2x)
    • Dust filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Pollen filter inner cover R-D290 (2x)
    • Pollen filter inner cover V-284x284 (2x)
    • Pollen filter inner cover V-220x200 (2x)
    • Pollen filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Fine filter inner cover R-D290 (2x)
    • Fine filter inner cover V-284x284 (2x)
    • Fine filter inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Round cable (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50 m x 48 mm
    • 2 component foam (businesses only)
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    Graphics for the inVENTer iV14R-Ohio
    DXF graphic
    DWG graphic

    inVENTer calculation tool
    inVENTer calculation tool