inVENTer iV-Compact


The powerful ventilation system which can be easily integrated in external thin walls

  • Ideal for thin exterior walls with low wall thickness of at least 140mm
  • With heat recovery of 72%
  • Air exchange up to 58 m3/h
  • Up to -20°C frost protection
inVENTer iV-Compact, für dünne Wände
  • Energetic and compact

    iV-Compact with the integrated inVENTron technology

    The iV-Smart+ technology has also been implemented as iV-Compact version. The slim iV-Compact is ideal for the installation in particularly thin walls. This unit has a special external hood, which discreetly conceals the minimal excess length. The installation is intended for a wall thickness from 140 mm (plastering/rendering included). The unit can be employed for both newly constructed buildings and in refurbishments.
    The principle of function and operation is the same as of iV-Smart+. The patented inVENTron technology, together with the new powerful Xenion fan, assures an all-over ventilation. With this technique, a maximum flow of 29 m3/h can be reached on heat recovery mode (58 m3/h in exhaust mode).

    International and sustainable

    The impetus for the development of this compact ventilation unit lies in faraway America, which is why the prodescessor of the iV-Compact is namend after the well-known US state of "Ohio". The common building technique there, which consisted of thin walls in prefabricated houses, was introduced in Europe. This provided the idea for the creation of the device of its development. Based on the newest inVENTer technology, iV-Compact is the most powerful device of its class. During the extraction mode it accumulates the heat of the room air. After 70 seconds, the Xenion reversible fan changes its rotating direction and the stored heat is released into the intake air flow. In this way it is possible to save up to 72% of the rooms’ heat through the ceramic heat accumulator.


  • Wall opening [mm]: Ø 180
    Wall thickness with plaster/render [mm]: 140
    Air flow [m3/h]: 10,5 - 29
    Extract air flow [W]: 1 - 3
    Sound emission [dB(A)]: 21 - 44
    Heat recovery [%]: 72
    Electric fan performance, volume flow-related [W/(m3/h)]: 0,18
    Operational voltage [V DC]: 6 - 16
    Temperature range [°C]: bis -20
    Standard sound level difference [dB]: 32
    Energy efficiency category: A


  • Downloads

    Installation and operating instruction for inVENTer iV-Compact
    Download the operating instructions

    Product overview
    inVENTer product overview

    inVENTer information prospectus (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    Information prospectus

  • Accessories

    • Inner cover Flair V-233x233, white SDE
    • Dust filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Microfilter for inner Cover Flair (2x)
    • Activated carbon filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Wind protection insert  WSE R-D160
    • Simplex 365 incl. wall sleeve
    • Simplex 490 incl. wall sleeve
    • Round cable LiYY-O 3x0,75 (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50m x 48 mm
    • Insulation fixing set
    • 2 component foam (businesses only)
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    Product overview
    inVENTer product overview»

    Installation and operatimg instructions
    Operation- and instruction manual for the ventilation system inVENTer iV-Compact»

    inVENTer information prospectus (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    Information prospectus»