inVENTer Smart+ Sylt

The ventilation system for the basement

  • Ideal for inhabited basement areas
  • Fre-ehand borehole for a wall sleeve diameters of 160 mm
  • Sound insulation up to 49 dB
  • Heat recovery of 87%
iV-Smart+ Sylt, decentralised ventilation system for the basement
  • For basements and souterrains

    iV-Smart+ Sylt with the integrated Xenion fan

    iV-Smart+ is available in several different forms so that it can perfectly suit your building project. The new iV-Smart+ Sylt, as part of the new inVENTer product line, can be integrated  attached particularly well in basement areas. In this decentralised ventilation unit the innovative Xenion fan is integrated. XENION considerably increases the unit’s air exchange rate. Moreover, the dual airflow control unit inVENTron guarantees a more efficient air flow through the ceramic heat accumulator. This assures a heat recovery of 87 %.

    Moisture protection

    Whether a heated living room, a party room or a playroom, iV-Smart+ Sylt ensures dry rooms below ground level. Thanks to the permanent aeration of the basement rooms, which are particularly prone to moisture and mildew, a constant air flow is assured. In this way, permanent moisture can be eliminated and fresh air can be carried without the need to open windows.

    Simple assembly

    The simple assembly of inVENTer’s ventilation units carries a lot of advantages. No complex pipe systems must be laid through the house, but it is sufficient to create a passage through the external wall, even below ground level. 
    The hood pipe is conducted to the ground like a snorkel through a branch pipe with condensation discharge. In this way, the difference in height between the basement and the ground can be overcome. At the end of the hood pipe a special cover with lateral ventilation blades is situated.
    The cover is resistant to driving rain, is safe from snow and small rodents and can be fixed directly to the facade. You can get your hood of iV-Smart+ Sylt in white, grey or beige. In this way, the cover will discreetly suit the facade base. 

    Single components of the decentralised fan iV-Smart+ Sylt
  • Wall opening [mm]:  Ø 180
    Wall thickness with plaster/render [m³/h]: 8,5 - 29
    Air flow [m³/h]: 17 - 58
    Extract air flow [W]:  1 - 3
    Power consumption [dB(A)]:  16 - 36
    Heat recovery [%]: 87
    Electric fan performance, volume flow-related [W/(m3/h)]: 0,15
    Operational voltage [V DC] 6 - 16
    Temperature range [°C]: -20 - 50
    Energy efficiency category: A+ / A
  • Downloads

    inVENTer calculation tool
    Calculation tool

  • Accessories

    • Inner cover Flair V-233x233, white SDE
    • Sound insulation insert R-D160
    • Sound protector SPR R-D160
    • Dust filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Micro filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Activated carbon filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Wind protection insert  WSE R-D160
    • Extension set WEH R D-160
    • Round cable LiYY-O 3x0,75 (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50m x 48 mm
    • Insulation fixing set
    • 2 component foam (businesses only)
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    Installation and operating instructions
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