inVENTer Smart+ Top

The ideal solution for attics

  • Air exchange up to 58 m3/h 
  • Free-hand borehole for wall sleeve diameters of 160 mm
  • Suitable for the installation in the roof pitch
inVENTer iV-Smart+ Top, decentralised ventilation unit for attic floors
  • Top ventilation

    Single components of the decentralised ventilation unit iV-Smart+ Top

    The new iV-Smart+ Top is the ideal decentralised ventilation unit for attic floors. The patented inVENTron technology, together with the high-performance Xenion fan, raises the air flow of iV-Smart+ Top to the level of much bigger ventilation units.
    This unit can be installed in attics through a special weather protection hood. The ventilation system is placed directly under the roof pitch and the weather protection hood is conducted outwards through a universal pantile or a roof tile with a passage. The external cover is resistant to driving rain and snow and is available in the colours black and brick red. 

    Saving energy thanks to the ceramic heat accumulator

    Like all inVENTer’s decentralised ventilation systems, iV-Smart+ Top is equipped with a ceramic heat accumulator, too. The heat of the outgoing air flow is stored in the accumulator core and released into the incoming fresh air. Energy is not only saved by minimising heat losses, but rather through the low power consumption of the units. The constant air exchange ensures the elimination of excessive moisture, prevents the development of mould and contributes preserving the building fabric.

  • Wall opening [mm]:  Ø 180
    Air flow [m³/h]: 8,5 - 29
    Extract air flow [m³/h]: 17 - 58
    Power consumption [W]:   1 - 3
    Sound emission [dB(A)]:  21 - 36
    Heat recovery [%]: 87
    Electric fan performance, volume flow-related [W/(m³/h)]: 0,15
    Operational voltage [V DC] 6 - 16
    Temperature range [°C]: -20 - 50
    Standard sound level difference [dB]: 41  - 45
    Energy efficiency category: A+ / A

    Dimensions iV-Smart+ Top

    Dimensions iV-Smart+ Top
  • Downloads

    Installation and operating instructions
    Operation- and instruction manual for the ventilation system iV-Smart+ Top

    inVENTer information prospectus (short instructions, maintenance manual)
    Information prospectus

  • Accessories

    • Inner cover Flair V-233x233, white SDE
    • Sound insulation insert R-D160
    • Sound protector SPR R-D160
    • Dust filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Micro filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Activated carbon filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Round cable LiYY-O 3x0,75 (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50m x 48 mm
    • Insulation fixing set
    • 2 component foam (businesses only)
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    inVENTer planning manual
    Download planning manual