inVENTer Smart+

The most powerful compact fan with a pipe diameter of just 160 mm

  • The most powerful fan of the compact class: air flow up to 58 m³/h
  • Free-hand borehole for wall sleeve diameters of 160 mm
  • Sound insulation up to 49 dB
  • Heat recovery of 87%
  • Sensor technology against cooling and strong wind
inVENTer iV-Smart+, ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • The most powerful fan of the compact class

    The integrated inVENTron technology, together with the high-performance Xenion fan, raises the air flow in the iV-Smart+ to the level of much bigger ventilation units. The integrated inVENTron technology contributes furthermore to an ideal air flow through the ceramic heat accumulator and consequently assures a heat recovery of 87%.
    Within the class of fans with a compact design, iV-Smart+ is the most powerful decentralised ventilation system currently available on the market. 

    Temperature control and wind pressure stabilizer

    The Xenion fan integrated in the iV-Smart+ includes as standard a temperature sensor, which actively prevents the ventilated rooms from cooling down at wintery external temperatures. It measures the temperature of the intake air flow and regulates it as needed independently of the central control. In case of wind loads, the wind pressure stabiliser comes into play. Thanks to it, Xenion detects the upcoming wind, adjusts its rotational speed and maintains the values predetermined by the controller.
    The new Xenion fan fulfils the requirements of the s3-classification according to the norm EN 13141-8.  Its wind pressure stability, certified by this norm, sets new standards for fans in decentralised ventilation systems.
    inVENTron technology
    The heart of iV-Smart+ is the new Xenion fan. Xenion is integrated in the patented dual airflow control unit inVENTron, which directs the ventilator´s air flow effectively. This assures an optimal flow through the ceramic heat accumulator, which is situated right behind the fan.
    iV-Smart+ ideally implements the findings from aerospace technology and achieves a heat recovery of 87 percent. 

    Simple installation with the Simplex wall installation system 

    If you would like to install your iV-Smart+ in your new building easily and quickly, you should use the Simplex wall installation system. Simplex is both a wall installation block and a wall sleeve and you can insert it in the building fabric just like a brick. The necessary slope and the outside airtight and inside vapour tight installation into the air resistance layer have already been taken in account. This eliminates the need for a subsequent borehole.
    Specially manufactured to customer requirements and project dimensions, with Simplex there will be no more need to adapt a standard wall installation block. This makes you save valuable money and time.

    A flexible solution

    Our customers can get their iV-Smart+ in many different versions – a version for a discreet installation (Corner), one for the roof pitch (Top), or for basement installations (Sylt). The Corner variant is optimally suited as an invisible/hidden outer closure for the installation in window reveals, e.g. in historic buildings. The Top version can be easily integrated in the roof pitch and the Sylt version aerates basements and rooms under the ground level. We also developed the Ohio variant for particularly thin walls (up to max. 180 mm).

    Single components of the decentralised ventialation system iV-Smart+ in motion
  • Wall opening [mm]:  Ø 180
    Wall thickness with plaster/render [mm]:  > 270
    Air flow [m³/h]: 8,5 - 29
    Extract air flow [m³/h]: 17 - 58
    Power consumption [W]:   3
    Sound emission [dB(A)]:  21 - 36
    Heat recovery [%]: 87
    Electric fan performance, volume flow-related [W/(m3/h)]: 0,15
    Operational voltage [V DC] 6 - 16
    Temperature range [°C]: -20 - 50
    Standard sound level difference [dB]: 38  - 49
    Energy efficiency category: A+ / A

    Dimensions iV-Smart+

    Dimensions iV-Smart+
  • Downloads

    inVENTer calculation tool
    Calculation tool

    Installation instructions for inVENTer iV-Smart+
    Download the installation instructions

    Operating instructions for inVENTer iV-Smart+
    Download the operating instructions 

  • Accessories

    • Inner cover Flair V-233x233, white SDE
    • Sound insulation insert R-D160
    • Sound protector SPR R-D160
    • Dust filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Micro filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Activated carbon filter for inner cover Flair (2x)
    • Wind protection insert  WSE R-D160
    • Simplex 365 incl. wall sleeve
    • Simplex 490 incl. wall sleeve
    • Extension set WEH R D-160
    • Round cable LiYY-O 3x0,75 (33m, 3 wire)
    • Self-adhesive fabric tape, 50m x 48 mm
    • Insulation fixing set
    • 2 component foam (businesses only)
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    Product overview
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    Installation and operating instructions
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