inVENTer iV-Twin+

Double power for single rooms


  • Single room ventilation – now with a 200-mm pipe
  • Higher energy efficiency through horizontal separation of airflow rates
  • 94% heat recovery
  • Improved moisture protection thanks to powerful extract air mode
  • Demand-controlled ventilation via temperature sensor with cold protection mode to prevent excessive cooling
  • 2 in 1: no paired operation necessary
inVENTer iV-Twin+, Double power for single rooms

The new 3in1 bathroom ventilation

The inVENTer bathroom fan in a set


After showering or bathing, the air can almost be cut. If you do not ventilate now, you risk mold in the bathroom. However, when opening the window, besides the humidity, valuable heat escapes from the room as well. During winter time, the bathroom is often uncomfortably cooled after a few minutes. 
That does not have to be! To save heating costs and to make your contribution to climate protection, we have the solution now.
The innovative bathroom fan set gives you a cuddly feel-good experience for your bathing ambience.


The 3in1 bathroom ventilation with the iV-Twin+
The Single Room Fan iV-Twin+
Der iV-Twin+
The Single Room Fan iV-Twin+

The iV-Twin+ combines two fans in one. Supply and exhaust air flow are vertically separated from each other. Due to the two ceramic heat accumulators, the iV-Twin+ has a high heat recovery of 94 %. Thus it is perfect as a bathroom fan. The installation in a drill hole simplifies the bathroom refurbishment considerably.

The sMove s4 Controller
Der Regler sMove s4
The sMove s4 Controller

Up to 4 ventilation units can be controlled intuitively with the sMove. Due to the modern interior design with flat housing, it fits discreetly into your bathroom ambience. Predefined ventilation levels and a pause function can be conveniently set using the Touch&Slide function. With additional sensors, the functionality of the sMove can be extended.

The Hygrostat HYG18
Das Hygrostat HYG18
The Hygrostat HYG18

For humidity monitoring in the bathroom, the room hygrostat measures the humidity and the temperature. Both values can be read on the clear LED display. When the humidity level is exceeded, the fan automatically switches to the exhaust air mode until normal humidity is restored.



The 3in1 set for bathroom ventilation for a nice ambiente
Einzelraumlüftung vom Badset

Bathroom Fan



Der Regler des Badsets mit Touch&Slide-Funktion

sMove Controller



Das Hygrostat des Badsets





  • Greater functionality in single room ventilation

    Easy installation
    The inVENTer iV-Twin+ has a diameter of 200 mm and therefore requires a wall opening of just 225 mm. This can be provided quickly and easily either by drilling a core hole or, in new buildings, via the Simplex wall installation system. 
    Installation is possible from a wall thickness of 270 mm. Vertical airflow separators are pre-assembled in both the inner cover and weather protection hood, further reducing the installation time.

    The "Twin" principle for greater functionality in single room ventilation

    Thanks to its new design concept, the iV-Twin+ blends even more harmoniously into your living space. The inner cover and weather protection hood are similar in appearance to the iV ventilation systems and are available in a Flair or Nova design – the installation process is also similar. Naturally, the iV-Twin+ can also be controlled via all common controller systems. In the bathroom, the new inVENTer Hygrostat HYG18 provides on-demand ventilation with humidity monitoring.


    Two adapted Xenion® fans run in push-pull operation in the iV-Twin+, whereby one fan supplies fresh air and the other simultaneously removes the used air from the room. The fans alternate every 70 seconds. If required, both fans can also switch to extract air mode to remove stale, moist air quickly and reliably.
    The "Twin" principle is based on a consistent separation of the airflow within the device via vertical separating elements in the inner cover, wall sleeve and weather protection hood. Heat recovery is ensured via two thermal accumulators with ceramic honeycombs.

  • Efficient without paired operation

    The ceramic honeycombs in the two thermal accumulators are designed as half cylinders with large surfaces and achieve a heat recovery of well over 80% in the iV-Twin+. The new device is thus eligible for support from the KfW bank. The iV-Twin+ features one of the largest ceramic thermal accumulators with a honeycomb structure on the market.

    iV-Twin+ with wo inVENTron fans
    iV-Twin+ with two ceramic thermal accumulators
    Weather protection hood for iV-Twin+

    The iV-Twin+ single room ventilation device can be operated at low fan speeds, whereby it carries out the air exchange extremely quietly. The standard integrated temperature monitor prevents excessive cooling of the living space when the outside temperature is very low. A wind pressure stabiliser also prevents elevated running noise in the event of strong winds. The device's filters ensure a high standard of hygiene and can be used either as pollen, fine or activated carbon filters.

    Our extensive experience in the ventilation industry since 1999 led us to identify and meet the demand for a device to provide single room ventilation. Our Twin concept for a single room ventilation system from 2007 has now been adapted and made even more efficient and comfortable. The result is the most powerful single room ventilation unit with reversible technology on the market.


  • inVENTron-fans for iV-Twin+

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