inVENTer iV14-Zero

The innovative patented acoustic insulation concept

  • Acoustic insulation up to 56 dB
  • Operational noise under 29 dB(A) at all levels
  • Integrated super silent mode with just 13 dB(A)
  • Heat recovery of 87%
  • Sensor technology against cooling and strong wind pressure
inVENTer iV14-Zero, decentralised fan with innovative acoustic insulation
  • New acoustic insulation concept

    The new iV14-Zero, provided with the inVENTron technology and the new Xenion fan, assures a powerful and silent ventilation of your house. The patented acoustic insulation transforms the iV14-Zero into a sound insulating fan and turns down external noises and its operational noise to the minimum. That is why the decentralised fan is acoustically barely perceptible and provides a pleasant living atmosphere.  Its standard sound level difference is up to 56 decibels. The operating noise at the whole power spectrum is below 30 dB(A) and reaches even inaudible 13 dB(A) in the super silent mode.
    The patented insulation sound concept of iV14-Zero is based upon a special sound insulating coating made of Inventin. Thanks to its special structure, Inventin provides an excellent sound quality and is equipped in iV14-Zero for the first time worldwide. Previous acoustic optimisations of decentralised units had always required a decrease of the air flow and power of the units due to the insertion of special sound insulating components. The patented sound insulation concept of iV14-Zero assures a standard sound level difference of 48 dB and an operating noise of 13 – 29 dB (A) – without reducing the air flow!

    Xenion fan provides stability

    The Xenion fan integrated in the iV14-Zero includes by default a temperature sensor, which monitors the temperature of the intake air flow and adjusts it independently of the central control. In this way, this fan´s technology prevents the rooms from cooling down.  Furthermore, Xenion is equipped with an intelligent wind pressure stabiliser. It detects the upcoming wind loads and maintains the pre-set rotational speed autonomously. A smooth and silent operation is thereby assured in windy spots, too.
    The Xenion fan fulfils the requirements of the s3 classification of the norm EN 13141 – 8. Its wind pressure stability, certified by this norm, sets new standards for fans in decentralised ventilation systems.

    The inVENTron technology

    The Xenion fan is a part of the innovative inVENTron technology integrated in the iV14-Zero. The inserted dual airflow control unit inVENTron corrects the swirls generated by the rotation of the fan. This assures an optimal air flow through the ceramic heat accumulator, which is situated right behind the fan, and a heat recovery up to 87%. inVENTer implemented findings from aerospace technology into the development process of its ventilation units, especially from the fluid dynamics.

    Simple installation with Simplex 

    The Simplex wall installation system makes the installation of iV14-Zero in new buildings easier.
    This combination between a wall installation block and a wall sleeve (with an integrated slope) can be inserted in the building fabric just like a brick. It eliminates the need for a subsequent borehole.
    Specially manufactured to customer requirements and project dimensions, Simplex suits every building project. With Simplex there will be no more need to make a borehole or to adapt a standard wall installation block. This will make you save valuable money and time.

    Corner version available

    iV14-Zero is also available as “Corner” variant for window reveals. With this version of the unit, the flat duct  is integrated in the insulation. In this way, the outer closure is practically invisible. The air flows outside and inside of the building through a little ventilation grille in the window reveal. Therefore, the unit must be installed at a striking distance to a window. Ventilation solutions for the reveals are usually employed for the renovation of historic buildings. 

    inVENTer iV14-Zero with patented sound insulation concept
  • Wall opening [mm]:   Ø 225

    Wall thickness with plaster/render [mm]:   > 250

    Air flow [m³/h]:   8,5 - 29

    Extract air flow [m³/h]:   17 - 58

    Power consumption [W]:  3

    Sound emission [dB(A)]:  13 - 29

    Heat recovery [%]:  87

    Electric fan performance, volume flow-related [W/(m3/h)]:   0,15

    Operational voltage [V DC ]:    6 - 16

    Temperature range [°C]:   -20 - 50

    Standard sound level difference [dB]:   48  - 56

    Energy efficiency category:   A+ / A

    Dimensions iV14-Zero
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