Xenion: the silent ventilation

Excellent sound and performance values

  • all-in-one ventilator specific for decentralised ventilation
  • compact structure to avoid the passage of external noises
  • high air flow and minimal operating noise
  • pression stabiliser against strong wind
  • temperature control against cooling in winter
  • silent switch through 2-stage automatic switchover


Special Xenion ventilator for decentralised ventilation


  • High-performance ventilator Xenion

    Xenion is an innovative reversible ventilator which was developed especially for decentralised ventilation systems. Findings from aerospace technology were also integrated in the development process of Xenion. The combination of the ventilator with the ceramic heat accumulator enables to reach a heat recovery of 87%.
    The unique technology of Xenion is used in the most powerful fan of inVENTer´s compact class of products, the iV-Smart+, and in the super silent fan iV14-Zero with its patented acoustic insulation concept. Stepwise, Xenion will get implemented in the whole inVENTer´s fan family.
    The new Xenion ventilator, developed by our research and development department, convinces through its high performance and its very quiet operation. The unique structure of the ventilator prevents the direct passage of external noises.

    Acoustic advantages

    The new fan generation of inVENTer has never been so silent before thanks to the innovative inVENTron technology implemented in the new Xenion ventilator. Its blades prevent the direct passage of external noises and provide a natural acoustic barrier.

    inVENTron technology including Xenion ventilator


    The perfect living space temperature

    A temperature control integrated by default measures constantly the temperature of the intake air and prevents the living spaces from cooling down. If the temperature falls below a predeterminate value, the ventilator overrides the requirements of the control unit and regulates many extracted-air cycles until the correct temperature is reached again.
    Immune to pressure fluctuations
    Another highlight of Xenion is its intelligent wind pression stabiliszer. The ventilator identifies the intake air and adjusts its driving speed autonomously, so that the device can be used in windy places, too. Moreover, Xenion fulfils the requirements of the future s3-classification of the norm EN 13141-8. 
    All the new inVENTer devices provided with Xenion ventilators are classified in the energy efficiency class A+ in combination with on-demand ventilation.

    Xenion ventilator as a component of iV-Smart+
  • Following values can be reached with the devices iV-Smart+ and iV14-Zero provided with the silent Xenion ventilator:

    Heat provision level max. η´WRG [-] 87
    Air flow (in heat recovery mode) [m³/h] 8,5 - 29
    Extract air flow [m³/h] 17 - 58
    Power consumption [W] 1 - 3
    Power consumption, volume-related [W/(m³/h)] 0,15
    Operating voltage [V DC] 6 - 16
    Sound emission [dB(A)] 13 - 29
    Standardised sound level difference [dB] 48 - 56
    Energy efficiency class A+ / A


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