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Experience and referencesDecentralized ventilation system from inVENTer

Whether a single or multi-family house, a museum or an adventure holiday home, a new building or an energy-efficient renovation: different requirements call for a wide range of solutions. With our wide range of products, we meet every need for fresh air and bring a healthy supply of fresh air with up to 94% heat recovery into your four walls.
Let yourself be inspired by the experiences of our customers with the decentralized ventilation systems from inVENTer.

Single family homesFresh air in your home

inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 5inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 5
inVENTer-Referenz Löberschütz Bild 1inVENTer-Referenz Löberschütz Bild 1
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 3inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 3
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 2inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 2
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 4inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Löberschütz Bild 4

It was important for us that we no longer have to worry about ventilation in our new house. We now have a pure feel-good atmosphere.

Steffen Schirmer


In the idyllic Löberschütz, surrounded by nature, Mr. Schirmer and his family have moved into their domicile.

The vision of his own four walls had long been present in his wife’s head. Now in 2014 the specially designed concept by Ms. Schirmer could be implemented. The planning took 2 years, the implementation 9 months.

The result is a beautiful half-timbered house with clay block insulation on the inside and a wood-cellulose layer on the outside. Here 8 inVENTer ventilation systems of the type iV14V ensure a clean, fresh smell in the house.

Apartment buildingsHealthy indoor air and conservation

Energy Globe Award Carinthia 2011
Austrian Climate Protection Prize 2011

Social housing with an award-winning concept

The GRIFFEN GREEN residential complex, equipped with inVENTer ventilation systems, will become a showcase project. This project was awarded the Energy Globe Award Carinthia and the Austrian Climate Protection Prize 2011.

In each room, at least two fans with heat recovery iV14V or a single room fan iV-Twin ensure healthy air and heat recovery of up to 91 percent.

inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 9inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 9
inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 4inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 4
inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 6inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 6
inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 2inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 2
inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 7inVENTer-Referenz Mehrfamilienhaus Griffen Green Bild 7
inVENTer-Referenz GriinVENTer-Referenz Gri

DormitoriesEfficient ventilation for small apartments

inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 1inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 1
inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 5inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 5
inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 2inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 2
inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 3inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 3
inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 6inVENTer-Referenz Wohnheim Mainz Bild 6
11 floors for students in Mainz

The renovated 11-storey building offers a total of 95 furnished residential units for students. The 16 m² apartments with bathroom and living area including mini kitchen are effectively ventilated thanks to the inVENTer PAX and with heat recovery, so that ventilation via open windows is not necessary.

The central apartment soundproof fan ensures healthy indoor air while studying and offers optimal protection against mold. With the best sound insulation values, the inVENTer PAX ensures peace and quiet in the rental apartments despite the nearby train station.

Offices & commercial spacesWorking in the fresh air

City library “Konrad Duden” in Schleiz

A monument becomes a library

The flexible ventilation system from inVENTer adapts itself perfectly to the high demands of monument protection in the Schleiz City Library.

A total of 20 iV25 fans and two iV14R fans were installed in the building.

The project received an award for the exemplary technical and structural measures in the context of the “Municipal Climate Protection 2013” competition.

inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 2inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 2
inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 1inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 1
inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 4inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 4
inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 3inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 3
inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 5inVENTer-Referenz Bibliothek Schleiz Bild 5
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