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Mold in the apartment

Mold problems in apartments are common and can have different causes. There are also numerous different types of mold that occur in living spaces and can sometimes cause considerable damage. In any case, moisture in the home is a basic problem. The way you live – with the right ventilation and heating – has just as much influence on the formation of moisture in living spaces as any construction defects.

Once mold has formed, it represents a serious health hazard for the residents. Numerous diseases, from allergies to poisoning, can be triggered. The complete removal of the mold can be time-consuming and expensive, depending on how severe the mold infestation is, but is absolutely necessary in order to maintain the value of the building and to protect the residents. Regarding the assumption of the costs of a mold remediation, the responsibility lies clearly with the person causing the damage, whereby this question can often only be clarified by a mold expert.

Mietvertragsanalyse bei Schimmelpilzbefall

Causes and Formation of Mold

Molds need above all moisture and nutrients in order to grow. Due to structural conditions or incorrect ventilation behavior, the relative humidity in the apartment can be high. If there is insufficient moisture diffusion to the outside, mold finds the best conditions. Particularly in winter, certain living spaces such as bedrooms and bathrooms or kitchens are more at risk than other rooms. Further information can be found in the guide to the causes of mold.

Types of mold

In the meantime, over 100,000 types of mold have been specifically identified worldwide, only a few of which are responsible for damage to residential buildings. Black mold, green mold and white mold appear most frequently in Germany. The fruiting body is responsible for the respective color of the mold. The guide gives information on the appearance, the most common occurrences and special features as well as the potential danger.

Arten von Schimmel
Schimmelpilz und die Auswirkungen auf die Gesundheit

Damage to health from mold

Visible and invisible mold can trigger significant and in some cases permanent illnesses - these range from mold allergies to mental disorders and infections. Especially immunocompromised people and children are very health endangered by mold. The first symptoms such as headaches, insomnia or respiratory problems are not always clear because they can also be triggered by other diseases. The guidebook introduces the various health hazards that can be traced back to mold.

Prevention and avoidance of mold

In addition to structural defects or third-party negligence, mold can in many cases be attributed to incorrect heating and ventilation in the apartment. In order to prevent mold at an early stage, structural measures and the living behavior of the residents should be adapted accordingly. The relative humidity in the apartment must be kept at a low level to prevent mold growth on the surfaces. In the guide, simple measures to prevent mold are presented (mold treatment in the home).

Schimmel dauerhaft entfernen: Sanierung zur Bekämpfung

Mold remediation - value retention in the event of mold infestation

Once the damage has occurred, those affected have various options for remedying the mold. If the measures are only directed against the visible, superficial mold, the mold will spread again after a certain time. A renovation should always include combating both visible and invisible mold (mold treatment apartment). The guidebook presents and compares the various options for mold remediation and immediate measures to remove small-scale mold damage.

Tenancy law and rent reduction in the event of mold growth

According to statistics, every 10th household in Germany is acutely affected by mold problems. If the property is rented out, the question of bearing the costs of mold remediation is often complicated. This also often leads to disputes between tenants and landlords. The guide gives specific information on the legal status in different scenarios and shows tenants how to proceed in the event of damage.

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Advice on mold growth indoors

Advice centers on the subject of mold are sometimes organized nationwide or regionally. Here you can find addresses that can help with mold infestation: Nationwide and regional networks and specialist offices, experts for mold, laboratories that carry out mold analyzes and mold detection dogs.

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