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Ventilation systems for detached houses and apartment buildings

Ventilation systems for single and multi-family houses

Energy-efficient building and renovation is becoming increasingly important, which is why a ventilation system with heat recovery is developing more and more into the standard of contemporary building technology. In addition to ventilation with heat recovery, simpler exhaust air systems without heat recovery also comfortably provide effective moisture protection and a healthy air exchange in the living spaces. On this page you will find an overview of the ventilation options from the ventilation specialist inVENTer with and without heat recovery specifically for the living space.

Ventilation with heat recovery

For energy-efficient ventilation: The heat accumulator inside the fan stores the exhaust air heat and transfers it to the incoming supply air.

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Abluftgerät inVENTer Pulsar im Badezimmer

Ventilation without heat recovery

Simple and flexible, inVENTer exhaust systems provide automatic air exchange for moisture protection, even for interior rooms.

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Ventilation for single family houses

Ventilation systems in single-family homes noticeably improve indoor air quality. Whether with or without heat recovery, the constant exchange of air prevents moisture damage and removes stale air containing CO2 to the outside.
Decentralized fans with heat recovery are installed in pairs in the exterior walls. The reversing fan inside the ventilator switches from supply air mode to exhaust air mode at 70-second intervals, with the exhaust air heat being temporarily stored in the ceramic core and released to the incoming fresh air. For energy-efficient construction, the inVENTer ventilation systems are also subsidized with low-interest loans from KfW.

This is what your inVENTer ventilation with heat recovery could look like:

iV14-Zero Connect
Ultra-quiet ventilation with patented sound insulation for living and sleeping areas.

iV-Twin+ Connect
Individual room ventilation for effective moisture protection in the bathroom and kitchen.

Regler im Wohnungsbau

Easy Connect e16
Wireless radio controller for demand-controlled ventilation of up to 16 units and 4 zones.

Ventilation for apartment buildings

Especially in apartment buildings, landlords and property owners have no direct influence on the ventilation behavior of individual tenants. Inadequate ventilation quickly results in mold on the walls, which attacks the fabric of the building. The inVENTer ventilation systems automatically ensure proper mold protection in apartment buildings and also increase living comfort by improving the indoor climate.
The inVENTer ventilation systems are easy to plan and even for renovation no problem due to the direct installation in the exterior walls. Whether ventilation for moisture protection or according to nominal ventilation, the inVENTer units are prepared for every ventilation requirement according to DIN1946-6. With a pure exhaust air system via ALD, even lower requirements for moisture protection can be covered. Moreover, an upgrade to an energy-efficient solution is easily possible at any time.

Taris für optimale Wohnraumlüftung

Bathroom ventilation according to DIN 18017-3 for interior wet rooms

aV160 ALD
Fresh air diffuser for high sound attenuation requirements

This is how the inVENTer ventilation could look like according to DIN 18017-3:

Advantages with inVENTerin housing construction

Prevent mold

By changing the air regularly, you protect the building and your health.

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Energy efficient living

94% heat recovery provides warmth and fresh air in your home.

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Avoid pollen

Pollen filters prevent dust, spores and pollutants from entering the interior.

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Simple retrofit

The air handling units are installed by drilling core holes in the exterior wall.

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