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Ventilation systems in offices and commercial premises

Ventilation systems for office & commercial

It’s easier to work with fresh air! inVENTer is responsible for the optimal ventilation of offices and commercial spaces. Automatic, efficient and quiet, the ventilation solutions from inVENTer ensure healthy and concentration-promoting air exchange, which also saves heating energy. Ventilation via mechanical ventilation systems retains much of the heat in indoor spaces. From small offices to conference rooms, stores or waiting rooms and medical practices, inVENTer has the optimal ventilation solution for all requirements.

Office ventilation system

In the office, ventilation is generally required in accordance with the workplace directive: Office rooms must be designed in such a way that: “healthy breathing air is available in sufficient quantity” (ASR A3.6, p.3). Good indoor air quality is achieved when the CO2 concentration is below 1,000 ppm.

The ventilation solutions from inVENTer not only fulfill the data on paper – they also ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor climate! Cold drafts via window ventilation are minimized or, with the right large-capacity units, completely replaced.

Easy to install and quickly retrofitted, the inVENTer ventilation systems ventilate quietly and efficiently.


Fully automatically sensor-controlled, the X-Flow single room ventilator ventilates offices and larger rooms at up to 180 m³/h with 90 % heat recovery.

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Quickly & easily retrofitted, the decentralized fans with sound insulation serve as an effective ventilation support heat recovery.

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Planning example for ventilation in the office

Single room fan with direct connection up to 180m³/h provides healthy indoor air fully automatically.

Advantages with inVENTerfor office & commercial

Preserve heat

Thanks to the heat exchanger, the fresh outside air is heated. This saves heating energy.

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Reduce CO2 concentration

The continuous air exchange ensures oxygen-rich breathing air.

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Regulate room climate

The ventilation systems regulate the moisture content of the air.

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Reduce sound

Innovative noise protection technology reduces loud noises from outside.

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