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We love fresh air.Decentralized ventilation from Thuringia. Since 1999.

We love fresh air.

That is why we bring them into your home, your office, in schools and daycare centers, in the basement or in the attic.

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Experience since 1999.

We have been developing and producing highly efficient ventilation systems for you, for us and for the whole world at our location in Löberschütz, Thuringia, since 1999.

Ventilation? Just ask us.

Decentralized and energy efficient.

Our principle for healthy indoor air is simple, decentralized and with heat recovery.

Functional Principle

The future of ventilation.

We want households and businesses to save even more energy with the help of our ventilation technology. This motivates us to work on new products and ventilation solutions with the latest technology.

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Why inVENTer?Good reasons for our home ventilation

The original with ceramic heat accumulator since 1999

Architects' Darling: No. 1 in terms of customer satisfaction

Quality "Made in Löberschütz"

On-site support from our ventilation experts in Germany

Worldwide trading partners in over 20 countries

5 year guarantee on your inVENTer living space ventilation

Knowledge, research and innovation from the Volution ventilation group

Mission: reduce carbon footprintLet's start with ourselves

From the development to the packaging of the products, we rely on resource-saving processes and materials. Many of our components are already made from recycled plastics.

We do not use styrofoam for packaging and instead rely on the natural, compostable raw material grass, which protects our valuable products just as well.

Our environmental goalZero footprint / zero emissions / 100% sustainability

inVENTer-Referenz Tattendorf BildinVENTer-Referenz Tattendorf Bild
inVENTer-Referenz Löberschütz Bild 1inVENTer-Referenz Löberschütz Bild 1
inVENTer-Referenz GriinVENTer-Referenz Gri
inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Pecs Bild 5inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Pecs Bild 5
inVENTer-Referenz Eigentumswohnung Jena Bild 2inVENTer-Referenz Eigentumswohnung Jena Bild 2

Call it what you want. Our goal is to achieve maximum sustainability for our products and our production.

So when you discover a product from the inVENTer brand, you look back on more than 20 years of research, development and a million ideas – implemented, discarded, resumed and improved to give you the most sustainable solution at this point for healthy and clean air in your rooms.

CareerGet started with inVENTer

Give your career a breath of fresh air!

Give your career a breath of fresh air!

We look forward to meet you!

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