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The inVENTer exhaust air systems

innovative, energy efficient, reliable

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aviant im Bad

Exhaust air systems are used in classic exhaust air rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms and are equipped with powerful exhaust air fans. Low-noise, demand-controlled ventilation protects rooms with moisture ingress from mould growth and moisture damage. They are particularly suitable for retrofitting in areas where heat recovery is not necessary or desired.


inVENTer exhaust fan



Efficient ventilation in accordance with DIN 18017-3.

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aviant ohne Abdeckung


Extractor fan with intelligent odour sensor.

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Pulsar


Smart with app control.

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aventus Unterputzvariante


Efficient ventilation in accordance with DIN 18017-3.

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Avio N 100


Discreet, with particularly quiet operation.

inVENTer-Wandeinbauset aV100 Innenansicht

aV100 wall installation set

Basic module for inVENTer exhaust air units.


inVENTer-air inlets

The fresh air diffusers from inVENTer for controlled supply air reflow are suitable for retrofitting as well as for new builds and can be easily integrated into external walls. They are the perfect addition to a pure extract air system.</p

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV100 ALD Innenansicht

aV100 ALD

Supply air element for the basic solution.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV160 ALD

aV160 ALD

Supply air element with sound insulation lining.


aV200 ALD

Supply air element with double sound insulation lining.


Fresh air with exhaust air - simple, inexpensive and quick to install

Showering, bathing, drying laundry – these are just some of the things that drive up the air humidity in bathrooms. If you don’t ventilate regularly, you run the risk of mould forming in the house in the long term, endangering the health and durability of the building. However, constantly opening windows is annoying and not always easy to implement. Regular ventilation can be taken over by an exhaust air system. In conjunction with outside air diffusers, exhaust air systems provide a continuous air exchange in living spaces.

But what are the differences between the systems? Which solutions are available? Find out more

Controlled exhaust air system in multi-storey residential buildingsExhaust air solutions from inVENTer

In a typical apartment block, there are often interior bathrooms or storage rooms. Due to the lack of fresh air supply, moisture damage can easily occur here – the perfect breeding ground for harmful mould. This can be prevented by controlled ventilation and regulated air exchange thanks to exhaust air systems in accordance with DIN 18017-3. InVENTer exhaust air units, which can be installed on a shaft, for example, are particularly suitable for these windowless rooms – for effective moisture protection. Decentralised exhaust air systems without heat recovery also ensure that unpleasant odours are removed from the building thanks to their continuous air exchange.


inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aventus Unterputzvariante

Aventus | Premium exhaust air system

Air inletExhaust air systems from inVENTer in accordance with DIN 18017-3 and 1946-6

inVENTer-Referenz Einfamilienhaus Mistelbach Bild 11

DIN 18017-3 and DIN 1946-6 are standards that require new buildings or renovations to have a ventilation concept to protect both the health of the occupants and the building itself. If you are looking for adequate ventilation at a favourable price, the inVENTer air inlets are the right choice. The fresh air diffusers for controlled supply air reflow are suitable for retrofitting as well as for new builds and can be easily integrated into external walls.

The inflow of fresh air takes place either through pressure differences within a residential unit or in combination with an exhaust air system. In this case, the outside air flows automatically due to the resulting negative pressure. The fresh air diffusers have a filter system to ensure the minimum hygiene requirements and are equipped with a wind safety device as standard.

aV100 ALDBasic-Version

+ Simple supply air reflow
+ Compact & lockable inner cover
+ Small & discreet reveal grille
+ Including filter insert with non-return flap
+ Hands-free core hole drilling
+ Small pipe diameter of only 100 mm
+ Wind protection & filter cassette

aV160 ALDPatented Inventin® sound insulation

+ Discreet, lockable inner cover
+ Including filter insert with non-return flap
+ Hands-free drilling: 160 mm pipe diameter
+ Wind protection & filter cassette
+ Retrofitting to iV-Light / iV-Smart+ with heat recovery possible

aV200 ALDSound insulation up to 55 dB thanks to Inventin® insert

+ Use of pollen or activated charcoal filter possible
+ Including filter insert with non-return flap
+ Quick installation with Simplex wall installation block
+ Stainless steel weather protection bonnet in all common RAL colours
+ Retrofitting to iV14-Zero with heat recovery possible

Tip: Simply convert exhaust air systems

A decentralised exhaust air system installed in the house works without heat recovery, which only ensures moisture protection. However, valuable heating energy is lost to a large extent. To counteract this, some air inlet can be converted without great effort into a fully-fledged ventilation system with heat recovery in combination with a heat accumulator. The corresponding electronics can already be installed in the wall when the exhaust air system is installed, which can be utilised if required.</p

Air inlet in different variantsSolutions for every facade look

inVENTer-Wetterschutzhaube Nord für EnEV

Stainless steel exterior finish

The upgraded Plus version for aV100 ALD and aV160 ALD has a stainless steel weather protection bonnet to protect against driving rain. The cover is available in all standard RAL colours on request. The aV200 ALD is fitted with this weather protection bonnet as standard.


In the window reveal

With the corner closure, the air flow is channelled via the window reveal to the right or left of the window. The corner channel has a narrow reveal grille as a reveal variant for a concealed external closure. The corner grille is available in the standard RAL colours.


For clinker facades

Thanks to its design and the brick-sized air outlet, the Nordic end cap is particularly suitable for use in houses with brick facades. Thanks to the many RAL colours available, the Nordic is also perfect for discreet installation in facades with a thermal insulation composite system.

More inVENTer exhaust air systemsEffective mould prevention through exhaust air

Windows and buildings are becoming increasingly insulated to keep noise and cold outside. However, this can also mean that the relative humidity in the home is too high without an exhaust air system. Combined with incorrect ventilation behaviour, this promotes mould growth. Particularly in winter, certain rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen are more at risk than others, as the warm air condenses more quickly on cooled surfaces if there is a lack of heating.
Automatic exhaust air systems ensure reliable moisture removal through continuous air exchange and prevent mould damage indoors. Humidity peaks in damp rooms can be countered with the help of a follow-up control system.

inVENTer-Abluftgerät Pulsar

Pulsar | Basic exhaust air system

Pulsar | Premium exhaust air system


inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aviant mit Abdeckung

Aviant| Premium exhaust air system

ConclusionThis is why exhaust air systems are worthwhile

Basic exhaust system


Premium exhaust system


Suitable for interior spaces


underfloor mounting possible


App control available


Pulsar Basic
inVENTer-Wandeinbauset aV100 Innenansicht

Tip: aV100 wall installation set

Exhaust air systems are an important basis for ensuring moisture protection in rooms. Anyone who wants to avoid the inconvenience of opening windows can utilise continuous ventilation through such exhaust air systems. Whether ventilation in accordance with DIN18017-3 or demand-controlled ventilation thanks to an app and sensors – the exhaust air systems from inVENTer offer the appropriate solution for a wide range of requirements.

However, the use of exhaust air systems is also associated with a certain amount of heat loss. To counteract this, energy-efficientventilation with heat recovery can be a suitable solution.

Q&A - Further questions about inVENTer exhaust air systems

How do exhaust air systems work?

Exhaust air systems draw in stale air using a fan and transport it outside. The resulting negative pressure should be counteracted in the meantime. An open window or so-called fresh air diffusers, which simultaneously bring fresh air back into the house, are suitable for this purpose.

What advantages does an exhaust air system offer?

Exhaust air systems are an inexpensive way to provide fresh air in the house. Furthermore, they can be retrofitted with little effort and, if necessary, converted into a ventilation system with heat recovery. Exhaust air systems protect against mould and offer greater living comfort for residents. Some exhaust air systems are equipped with odour, humidity and light sensors as standard, which means that these devices can also ventilate on demand.

How much electricity does an exhaust air device consume?

This varies depending on the exhaust air system. Our most efficient exhaust fans have a power consumption of just 2 – 5 watts.

What does an exhaust air unit cost?

The cost of an exhaust air unit depends on its functionality. Simple basic exhaust air units from inVENTer are available from just €160. You can find all prices in our online shop.

If you still have questions about our inVENTer exhaust air systems?

Then please contact us!

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