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The inVENTer exhaust air systems

innovative, energy efficient, reliable

Exhaust air units

Exhaust air systems find their place in classic exhaust air rooms such as bathrooms, kitchens and utility rooms and are equipped with powerful exhaust air fans. A low-noise, demand-driven ventilation protects rooms with moisture entry from the formation of mold and moisture damage. They are particularly suitable for subsequent installation in areas where no heat recovery is necessary or desired.

Coming fall 2023


Ventilation according to DIN 18017-3.

Product details
inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aviant ohne Abdeckung


Unique with smell sensor.

Product details
inVENTer-Abluftgerät Pulsar


Smart with app control.

Product details
inVENTer-Abluftgerät Aventus Unterputzvariante


Efficient ventilation according to DIN 18017-3.

Product details
inVENTer-Abluftgerät Avio N 100


The discreet one with particularly quiet operation.

Product details
inVENTer-Wandeinbauset aV100 Innenansicht

aV100 Wall installation set

Basic module for inVENTer exhaust air units.

Product details

Wall vents

The wall vents from inVENTer for the controlled inflow of incoming air are suitable for retrofitting as well as for new buildings and can be easily integrated into the outside walls. They are the perfect addition to a pure exhaust air system.

inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV100 ALD Innenansicht

aV100 ALD

The compact.

Product details
inVENTer-Außenluftdurchlass aV160 ALD

aV160 ALD

The silencer.

Product details

aV200 ALD

The double silencer.

Product details
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