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Planting trees for the climate

With 120 trees planted, third place in the inVENTer climate competition is redeemed.
Anforderungen an energieeffiziente Gebäude

BAFA funding for inVENTer ventilation systems

BAFA funding for inVENTer ventilation systems: In order to advance environmentally friendly technologies, state support is required. One focus of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, or BAFA for short, is to support new, particularly energy-efficient technologies and measures that help save energy and to build them up

Ventilation in hotels & micro-apartments

In apartment houses with micro-apartments, such as hotels and dormitories, ventilation systems have become an inevitable and rather complex topic. There are numerous guidelines and specifications that must be observed in this context for safety reasons. Whirring and annoying noises from the ventilation in an apartment or a residential complex

Prevent contamination via aerosols through ventilation systems

Wir erinnern uns daran, dass 2020 das Jahr ist, in dem jeder den Begriff „Aerosole“ erklären kann oder zumindest schon einmal gehört hat. Schuld daran ist die Corona-Pandemie, die seit März das Leben der Menschen in Deutschland und weltweit stark verändert hat. Doch was genau sind Aerosole und wie gefährlich
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