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Cost of a decentralized ventilation system

Anyone planning a new building or a comprehensive renovation nowadays must have a ventilation concept made for their building object. Due to the increasingly dense building envelope, multiple-glazed windows and heavily insulated roofs, there is hardly any natural ventilation. The result: rapid mold formation and permanent air pollution threaten the health of the residents and attack the building fabric. But what does the client actually get for the costs invested in decentralized ventilation?
In the following we would like to give you an overview of the prices that you can expect with the decentralized ventilation system.

Kosten kontrollierte Lüftung, Lüftungsplanung und Lüftungskonzept

Why should you invest the cost of decentralized home ventilation?

What percentage of the day do you estimate you spend in the house or in buildings? The UK market research institute YouGov found in a 2018 study that we spend an average of 90% of the day indoors. The result: We often supply our organs with stale and polluted air. According to the 2013 WHO Europe study, the air inside buildings is even more harmful to us humans than the outside air in large cities.
Which components of stale air are particularly dangerous here?

  • Mold spores from excessive humidity
  • Particles with bound bacteria and germs
  • Pollutants emitted by furniture and textiles
  • Low oxygen and high carbon dioxide content
  • Fine dust and dirt items
  • Deposits such as fly ash or coal dust

The advantages of an automatic ventilation system are therefore not only in the regular removal of moisture, but above all in the continuous filtering of the air. While the outside air is cleaned of unpleasant smells, pollen or fine dust, inside it is above all the pollutants caused by the living situation that can be dangerous. The first signs that you are exposed to a higher concentration of pollutants in the indoor air at home can be frequent headaches, tiredness or discomfort – the risk of asthma also increases by 40% according to the WHO. Therefore: Swap and filter your room air regularly!

Kosten für eine dezentrale Wohnraumlüftung

Especially with decentralized living space ventilation with heat recovery, you save heating costs in the long term and protect both your health and the structure of your house. With a decentralized ventilation system, you get a convenient and efficient solution that optimizes air humidity, air quality and room temperature. You will notice an increased sense of well-being and a new feeling of comfort in your four walls.

What are the costs for a decentralized ventilation system?

When it comes to the costs of their decentralized ventilation system, building owners often think primarily of the acquisition costs or the price of the individual fans. However, the installation costs and the running costs should also be taken into account here.

What are the costs of a decentralized ventilation system?

Planning costs for a decentralized ventilation system
Price for decentralized fans with heat recovery
Costs for the installation and assembly of decentralized living space ventilation
Operating costs of the decentralized ventilation system
Costs for cleaning and maintaining decentralized fans

Kontrollierte Wohnraumlüftung Kosten

Planning costs of a decentralized ventilation system

The ventilation planning for decentralized ventilation systems consists of three components: the ventilation concept, the energetic evaluation and a positioning suggestion.

The ventilation concept according to DIN 1946-6:
In the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV), a minimum air change is required. In order to prove this, a so-called ventilation concept according to DIN 1946-6 is created. The person who makes a ventilation-relevant change to an old building or is planning a new building is responsible for the creation. This can be, for example, the craftsman who installs new windows or seals the roof. In the same way, planners and architects are made responsible in the course of a new building.
A ventilation concept is necessary for a new building, an exchange of more than a third of all windows or a roof renovation of more than a third of the roof area.

Positioning suggestion in the floor plan

Finally, based on the ventilation concept and your house floor plan, the planner creates a drawing with suggestions for the positioning of the individual ventilation devices. From this positioning suggestion, the planner can obtain an initial offer for the costs of the decentralized ventilation system.
You will receive a legally binding plan from your architect or planning office. This is billed according to the so-called fee schedule for architects and engineers. The costs for ventilation planning for apartments can vary between 160 euros and 260 euros, depending on the size. Ventilation planning for a house costs between 300 and 500 euros, also depending on the size.
There are manufacturers of decentralized ventilation systems who are already doing a lot of groundwork and providing a free proposal for the ventilation concept and planning. Therefore, find out beforehand about the range of services offered by the individual manufacturers of decentralized ventilation systems.

Price for decentralized fans with heat recovery

The price for a decentralized ventilation system consists of:

Costs for ventilation and exhaust air devices
Ventilation controller costs
Costs for accessories

The planning includes a position proposal for individual devices in the floor plan of your building project. Here you can see how many ventilation devices and controllers you need and use them to estimate the investment costs.
Before purchasing, it is important that you deal with the requirements for your decentralized ventilation system. Which noise protection measures are important to you? Are accessories required for the draft shield and which filter types should be used? With the appropriate accessories, you can upgrade your decentralized ventilation units according to your needs, so that they guarantee great benefits in the long term.
There is a large number of suppliers of decentralized ventilation units with heat recovery on the market. There are big differences both in terms of price and quality. Very simple decentralized ventilation units without external control options are already available in hardware stores from 250 euros, which are manufactured abroad and which only have very limited functionality. Single room devices with a second room connection, on the other hand, can cost over EUR 1,000 per device.

Verschiedene Lüftungsgeräte und Preise für Lüftung

Bear in mind that your ventilation devices must ensure a continuous exchange of air over the long term in order to prevent mold growth and unhealthy indoor air. Decentralized ventilation systems are building services that will be continuously in operation. The possibility of a comprehensive upgrade should also be guaranteed so that you can adapt the system exactly to your needs and structural conditions. Once the ventilation unit has been built into the wall, you can only retrofit it with accessories from the respective manufacturer. You should therefore clarify your requirements in advance and rely on a quality product with extensive retrofitting options. In this way you prevent unpleasant surprises and costly conversions at a later date. A good indicator of a quality product is an additional manufacturer guarantee from the provider that goes beyond the minimum legal requirements. If the manufacturer is convinced of his own quality, he will also give you a 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee.
If you decide on a quality manufacturer for decentralized ventilation systems, you have to reckon with purchase costs between 3,000 and 5,500 euros for four decentralized fans, two exhaust air devices and a controller for a 3-room apartment of approx. 100 m². In a single-family house with approx. 120 m² of living space, the price for the decentralized ventilation devices including exhaust air devices and controllers is between 5,000 and 8,000 euros – depending on the size and equipment.

Your advantage: You can apply for a KfW subsidy with a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery.
Select your building project here and receive a non-binding positioning proposal including a breakdown of costs for a decentralized ventilation system from inVENTer in advance.

Costs for the installation and assembly of decentralized ventilation devices

In a new building, the costs of installing a decentralized ventilation system are different from those of a renovation. In the following we would like to briefly outline the differences.

Operating costs, price for cleaning and maintenance of the decentralized ventilation system

Operating costs for decentralized ventilation with heat recovery

A big plus point with decentralized ventilation systems are the low operating costs. The annual electricity costs can be estimated at around four euros per fan. In comparison: with central ventilation systems you pay a multiple of the electricity costs. In particular, the upstream heating register, which compensates for larger temperature differences between indoor and outdoor air (frost protection), causes a significant increase in energy consumption in the central system.
Note: The new generation of fans from inVENTer, together with demand-based ventilation, creates the highest energy efficiency class A +.

Costs for maintenance and cleaning of a decentralized ventilation system

While extensive cleaning measures of the pipes every two to three years are urgently recommended for hygienic reasons in central ventilation systems (these are usually carried out by specialist companies via correspondingly expensive maintenance contracts), you can save a lot of money by cleaning your decentralized fans.
A decentralized fan can be cleaned by yourself and only takes about 10 minutes per fan. The ventilation unit can be dismantled into its components in just a few steps and cleaned with a damp cloth. Only the filters should be changed from time to time – a change interval of approx. One year is recommended.
In addition to busy streets or in the vicinity of agricultural areas, you should still convince yourself of the cleanliness of your fans more often. How often these should be cleaned in the end depends on the local conditions.

Cost examples for a decentralized ventilation system from inVENTer

Kosten dezentrale Lüftungsanlage sparen

KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau) is the world’s largest state development bank. Real estate built in a particularly energy-efficient manner should be promoted through cheap loans and attractive subsidies.
In order for ventilation systems to also meet the funding requirements, they must meet the criteria for nominal ventilation according to DIN 1946-6. The grant must be applied for before the start of your project. For the application you need a mathematical proof of the energetic characteristics. You already have this from the energetic assessment that was carried out in the course of the ventilation planning. The funding ranges from inexpensive loans to repayment grants of 30,000 euros.

Due to the influencing factors described, the total costs for a decentralized ventilation system can vary, particularly in terms of installation. Nevertheless, in the following calculation examples we would like to provide you with an orientation for different requirements and instead of the installation costs we will state the number of working hours that experience has shown to be required for installing the fans.

Controlled domestic ventilation prices (examples):

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