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Ventilation systems for daycare centers and schools

inVENTer brings fresh and healthy air to school classrooms and daycare centers! The air quality in schools and daycare centers often leaves much to be desired: the CO2 content is too high, too easy to catch infectious diseases, fug and thick air make tired and make learning difficult.

inVENTer has optimal ventilation solutions ready for the special demands on the ventilation of classrooms and daycare centers. A constant air exchange with up to 953 m³/h ensures free thoughts, whether in pairs through the outer wall or via an air distribution system. Thanks to the heat recovery function, the heat remains in the room despite fresh air supply – this not only saves expensive reheating, also the children and teachers are spared the cold draft by opening the windows.

Easily installed, comfortably retrofitted – the school ventilation systems of inVENTer can be used flexibly.

Ventilation for kindergartens

Airing is the most important measure to protect against infectious diseases, especially for kindergartens. Moreover, too high a CO2 concentration makes for a bad mood and tired faces. For the right ventilation in the kitchens, inVENTer has various solutions in its program: the decentralized ventilation with heat recovery, for example, via the iV-Office, together with only low shock ventilation intervals, brings an effective improvement in indoor air quality – with almost no heat loss.

The fans of the Centra series are also suitable for larger daycare rooms. These are available in different versions from 200 to 953 m³/h for various room sizes and completely replace window ventilation.


Powerful for the little ones: iV-Office

Quickly & easily retrofitted, the decentralized fans serve as effective ventilation support with heat recovery.

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Automatically fresh air with Centra

Depending on the size of the room, the ventilation of the Centra series is suitable. The fresh air is optimally distributed throughout the room via an air distribution system.

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Ventilation for schools

The Centra 1000 ventilates classrooms at up to 953 m³/h, ensuring a low CO2 concentration in the room air even when the windows are closed. Thanks to a heat recovery rate of 82%, heating losses remain low. A sound pressure level of just 36 dB(A) also makes the Centra 1000 suitable for refurbishment, where it can be installed decentrally in the classroom or optionally in an adjacent room. By means of an air distribution system, fresh air is optimally distributed throughout the classroom.

This is what classroom ventilation looks like with Centra:

Schullüftung Centra
bis 1000m³/h

Centra 1000
Decentralized school ventilation with up to 953 m³/h with air distribution system.

Advantages with inVENTerfor schools & daycare centers

BAFA-Förderung für inVENTer-Lüftungsanlagen
Receive funding

Receive lucrative incentives when renovating your next project.

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Regulate humidity

Humidity recovery avoids dry room air and is gentle on mucous membranes.

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Maßnahmen gegen Virenübertragung
Reduce bacterial load

Regular air exchange reduces the germ and virus load in the room.

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Lüftung für gesunde Raumluft
Decrease heat loss

Heat recovery up to 88% provides fresh air without cooling down rooms.

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