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Assembly aidsInstall ventilation quickly and safely

inVENTer-Montagehilfe Simplex

SimplexInstallation block including pipe and slope

We have prepared something for you: The Simplex has all the requirements for a quick installation of your ventilation system. The wall sleeve is already integrated, it is individually adapted to your building project and is simply inserted like a brick. This saves you 30 minutes of installation time per device!

NordplexThe mounting aid for inVENTer Nordic

The Nordplex combines the simplicity of the Simplex with the discreet look of the Nordic external finishes. Suitable for clinker brick buildings and ETICS. The mounting block is also available for the “Connect” wireless version and can be customised to wall thicknesses.

inVENTer Woodplex Montagehilfe Holzständerbau

WoodplexThe easiest installation in wooden stud walls

Thanks to the prefabricated wall installation system made of wood materials, the installation of the inVENTer ventilation in wood frame and wooden stand construction is child’s play. The Woodplex is manufactured individually and project-related. The frame of the quick installation system consists of solid or multilayer wood and is already fully insulated.

inVENTer-Montagehilfe Wandeinbaublock WEB

Wall mounting blockPlan spontaneously and flexibly

The wall mounting blocks replace the core hole for installing the inVENTer systems. In the new construction area, they are integrated into the masonry during the shell construction phase. Depending on the wall thickness, several blocks are connected to one another.

Material: Neopor®

Replacement filtersProtection against pollen, dust and bad smells

inVENTer-Staubfilter mit Filterring

Dust filterIntegrated standard filter

The dust filter integrated as standard offers reliable protection against coarse dust. It has the filter class G4 / ISO Coarse 60%, is durable and washable.

Dust filters are available for all inVENTer ventilation devices.

inVENTer-Pollenfilter Klasse F5

Pollen filterProtection for allergy sufferers

Especially during the pollen season, allergy sufferers want to be able to breathe freely at least at home. This is guaranteed by the inVENTer pollen filter as a disposable filter with filter class F5 / ISO Coarse 75%.

Available for most inVENTer fans.


Activated carbon filterAgainst bad smells

In rural areas in particular, undesirable odors are the order of the day. The activated carbon equipment of this filter effectively traps gases, vapors and odors, so that you can breathe freely in the living room.

Available for most inVENTer fans.

Sound and wind protectionMeasures for special requirements


Soundproofing insertKnobbed special foam

The sound insulation insert is placed in the wall sleeve on the inside of the ventilation system. Thanks to its special structure, it effectively dampens outside noise in the case of higher loads, such as on federal highways.

Available for many inVENTer fans.


Sound protectorRedirecting the air volume flow

The sound protector ensures that outside noises and also fan noises from the inVENTer fans are reduced. It is pushed into the wall sleeve and simply redirects the air volume flow and the sound inside.

Available for many inVENTer fans.


Wind protection insertIn wind-exposed locations

If there is sometimes a lot of wind on the outside wall with an inVENTer ventilation system, the use of a special windbreak is recommended. It is pushed into the wall sleeve and effectively reduces the wind pressure to a minimum.

Available for many inVENTer fans.

"Connect" sensor technologyDemand-based ventilation for the wireless connection module with iV14-Zero & iV-Smart +

Humidity / temperature sensor Indoor sensor

The indoor sensor monitors the humidity and temperature values ​​in the interior. Using a battery-operated measuring sensor, it ensures demand-based ventilation in your four walls.

Available for iV14-Zero and iV-Smart + with Connect inner panel.

Humidity / temperature sensorExternal wall sensor

The battery-operated outdoor sensor is installed in a shady place on the outside wall. The measurement of outside temperature and humidity is essential for summer operation and basement ventilation with dew point control.

Available for iV14-Zero and iV-Smart + with Connect inner panel.

CO2 sensorWireless sensor for monitoring

This wireless sensor monitors the carbon dioxide and moisture levels within a ventilation zone. It enables demand-based ventilation to ensure optimal indoor air quality.

Available for iV14-Zero and iV-Smart + with Connect inner panel.

Switch contactIntelligent radio interface

This interface with an 868 MHz radio network is used to integrate safety devices while simultaneously operating fireplaces. Appropriate specialist knowledge is required here.

Available for iV14-Zero and iV-Smart + with Connect inner panel.

SensorsParticularly demand-driven ventilation

inVENTer-Hygrostat HYG18

HygrostatFor humidity monitoring

The external hygrostats from inVENTer are suitable for the automatic regulation of air humidity. They can be connected to the inVENTer controller and ensure stronger ventilation when the preset limit value is exceeded. An effective protection against excessive humidity and mold in the living room.


CO2 SensorAgainst thick air

If there are many people in a closed room, stale air is created very quickly. With decentralized ventilation including a CO2 sensor, you can quickly get this problem under control. If the set limit value is exceeded, the system ventilates intensively until the CO2 content is low enough again.


Smoke guardFor open-air-dependent fireplaces

The smoke draft monitor is a safety device that is recommended for simultaneous operation of inVENTer ventilation systems and air-conditioned fireplaces. It is connected to the inVENTer controller and ensures that the ventilation is switched off in the event of a critical differential pressure.

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