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we've got a goal:

Energy saving through heat recovery

We pride ourselves on making products that are designed to save energy. The keyword is heat recovery.
With a heat exchanger in a ventilation system, up to 90% of the heat energy can be recovered.

Detailed information can be found here.


well thought out

With our products you save heating energy. But our products themselves are also designed to be environmentally friendly.
For example, we prefer to use recycled plastic to manufacture our devices. But even such inconspicuous features as easy-to-replace filters reduce waste because they don’t have to be broken down into individual components for disposal.

You can get information about the maintenance of our products here.


Thinking ahead

Despite all efforts, a new product creates CO2 and waste through manufacturing, packaging, transport and installation. The long shelf life of our products is therefore not only good for your wallet, but also ensures less environmentally harmful waste in the long term (despite recycling). The following applies to our fans: Made once - fresh air for decades!



Sustainability as a brand core

Environmentally friendly production and an ecologically sensible product make a great team.

But we think one step further:
Our production and administration buildings are (of course) equipped with ventilation systems, heat pumps and solar systems, so that we save energy even before the production of a single product.


Smart packaging

We do our best to produce and ship our products with as little waste as possible. This also includes packaging waste. We rely on sustainable packaging and use returnable packaging where possible, because many things can easily be used several times.


Think before you print

„I've always wanted to get away from paperwork.
Because it's messy. Because it annoys me to print out everything and 3 x of it and then throw it away. That seemed unnecessary and pointless to me for a long time.”

Gritt Lössl, order processing

In January 2020, the project „paperless office” started in inVENTer order processing. „The implementation was easy in the end, when we all had to move to the home office due to Corona”.
Since then, communication and the exchange of information from the beginning of the order processing through the delivery note to for shipping confirmation and invoice digitally and 100% paperless. This means we save around 480 kg of paper per year.

#runs with us #paperless and #digital

Environmentally friendly print products

We print with care and limit ourselves to printed information that we know will be used and targeted to prospects. Of course we used recycled paper. This is how we avoid waste and unnecessary print production.


The store is buzzing!

Our employees are almost as happy about the trees we have planted on our company premises as are all the wild and honey bees.


Together for healthy air

InVENTer has been part of the British Volution Group since 2014.

Strong companies in the ventilation industry have come together here. The goal is growth through acquisitions, but also organic growth of the group.
Mutual support in product development and sales ensures stability & Strength of each.

Thanks to a large product portfolio, we can reach many target groups together.

Sustainability goals are writ large

Volution Group is listed on the stock exchange. This increases the motivation to maintain stability because our investors stand behind us so that everyone can benefit from the companies' success.

For more, see


Healthy is sustainable

Sitting is the new smoking.

Yes, we too often sit too much at work.
So that we can literally get our butt off, we take care of sporting events, such as the Jena company run, the team run in Jena and regular volleyball sessions on the company's own beach volleyball field.

inVENTer also encourages non-sports people to get up with height-adjustable, ergonomic desks.

And if your back hurts, only a back massage can help. Once a week, every employee can free themselves and legally free of charge, sit down on a massage table and have the tension in their back massaged.

A well-filled fruit basket every week also ensures the right intake of vitamins.

#this is how health works

100% biocardboard = 100% compostable

Frozen noodles in aluminum containers – warmed up in the oven, it tastes like it was freshly made by grandma!

However, the piece of noodle gets stuck in your throat when you think of mountains of garbage made of light metal weighing around 900 kg / year.
In the course of the 2019 sustainability competition „inVENTer should become more sustainable” Strongly advocated naming the supplier for the aluminum menu trays and reducing the order to menus that come in 100% compostable Biopap trays.

This reduces the mountains of aluminum waste to 0.0 kg / year and rightly won 1st place in the inVENTer sustainability competition.
And because our food supplier is also clever, he has also had the aluminum trays since 2022 almost completely banned from the range.
Bye mountains of aluminum rubbish!


Info to Biopap at Menü Hofmann there's here.

Social commitment

Every year we raise money for social institutions in the area in our big raffle. In recent years, proceeds have benefited the following:

  • 2020 the Albert Schweitzer Children's Village and Familienwerke Thüringen e. v.
  • 2021 the center for families and single parents e.V. - Family Center Jena
  • 2022 die Lebenshilfe for people with mental disabilities Saale-Holzland-Kreis e.V.
    Here we were happy about a particularly high amount, as we held a funding competition as part of our annual conference.

We also regularly take part in the Jena Company Run and the Team Run in Jen – the proceeds from the participants' contributions naturally go to a social project in the area.

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