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Air quality & health

The quality of the ambient air can have both positive and negative effects on human health. Clean air combined with optimal humidity is a factor of well-being here. In contrast, there are many factors that contribute to reducing air quality. In addition to humidity that is too high or too low, mold spores, pollen and various pollutants such as fine dust can pose a health risk. The following guides explain the different dangers and explain how they arise and how you can protect yourself from them.

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Humidity in living spaces

The correct humidity of the air is an important comfort factor in living space – both too high and too low humidity can be make themselves noticeable negatively. Each room has its own optimum humidity, depending on its use and condition.

Mold in the apartment

Mold problems in apartments are common and can have different causes. There are also numerous different types of mold that occur in living spaces and can sometimes cause considerable damage. In any case, moisture in the home is a basic problem. Living behavior – with the right ventilation and heating – has just as much influence on the development of moisture in living spaces as any construction defects.

Pollen allergy - a life with hay fever

February to October is pollen season. In Germany, around every sixth person suffers from a pollen allergy, also known as hay fever. For many allergy sufferers, this is a period of time that is associated with a reduced quality of life and bothersome symptoms. A runny nose, itchy eyes and constant coughing are constant companions in everyday life.

Pollutants in the indoor air - Indoor air measurement
with VOC sensors

Indoor pollutants are usually invisible – they are gaseous substances or tiny dusts and particles. They can come from different sources. On the one hand, fine dust that enters the room from the outside air; on the other hand, the source can be in the room itself, such as CO2, mold, formaldehyde, wood preservatives or plasticizers.

Air pollution from smog and fine dust

The regular intake of smog and fine dust can pose health risks for humans. It is well known that these pollutants are more common in metropolises such as Beijing and Los Angeles.

In Germany, too, the limits with regard to pollutant values ​​are not infrequently exceeded, which means that air pollution is becoming more and more of a problem in large cities.

Regulated air conditions for chimney and ventilation

Stoves are very popular because their blazing fire ensures relaxation and cozy warmth. A fireplace also looks really chic. No wonder, then, that the stoves are increasingly at the top of the wish lists of building owners. However, there are special requirements to be observed if you have a ventilation system or are considering installing one.

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